Monday, June 1

Christian synagogue by Dr. Brad Young, Ph.D

Did you know that the "assembly" referenced in James 2:2 is the Greek word "synagoges," which is virtually always translated as "Synagogue" everywhere else in our English New Testaments? In other words, James was writing to Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) whose meetings took place in the Jewish synagogue. Indeed, many first-century Christians—both Jewish and Gentile—apparently met together in the synagogue every Sabbath (see Acts 15:21, 18:4). Let us not become so far removed from the roots of our faith that we forget this important context to the New Testament. As Dr. Brad Young, Ph.D., puts it: "We too often view Jesus in a historical vacuum with the result that we transpose our twenty-first century Western values and concerns onto him. We tend to make him into a good Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Anglican, Pentecostal, or whatever denominational orientation we may be. The historical Jesus remains a Jew. His faith and obedience to his Father in heaven had at its center the precious gift given at Mount Sinai: Torah."


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