Voting in Islam : U.K Muslims Boycott Election, claims voting is un-Islamic

voting is shirk
Voting in the General Election was embroiled in controversy with some Muslims told not to vote while others were allegedly ordered by spiritual leaders to back Labour.
Muslims in east London were warned not to

vote in what has been branded an “intimidating” and “covert” campaign.

Flyers claiming that “Islam is the only real working solution for the UK” were stuck to the wind shields of residents’ cars in Tower Hamlets, a borough that has previously been riddled with election fraud.
The leaflets also warned that voting for “man-made law” was a sin, akin to idol worship, and that “democracy is a system whereby man violates the right of Allah”.
Police were informed about the professionally produced flyers and officers were diverted from polling stations to remove leaflets from parked cars.

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