Friday, May 29

Soobies Bar & Grill : Portland strip club converted into evangelical church

One of Portland's most notorious strip clubs has been converted — pun intended — into a church.
A 2-year-old congregation called Shepherd's Gate Church has renovated and moved into the building at 333 S.E. 122nd Ave., formerly home to Soobies Bar & Grill.

Soobies was known for trouble. In 2009, a robber shot a bartender after enjoying a few lap dances. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission revoked the club's license in 2013, citing a "history of serious and persistent problems," including drug activity, fights, public urination, noise and public drunkenness. Afterward, owners continued offering late-night entertainment, but served juice instead of booze. That only pushed alcohol consumption to the parking lot.

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