Orlando Florida ,Rich and Eric McCaffrey Gay Couple Denied Baptism for Son by Local Church

Eric McCaffrey with son Jack

Eric McCaffrey with son Jack
The Episcopal bishop of Central Florida is set to meet this evening with a gay couple whose son was denied baptism in an Orlando church.
Rich and Eric McCaffrey were scheduled to have their infant son, Jack, baptized at Orlando’s Cathedral Church of St. Luke on April 19. They had begun attending the church and met with its dean (the head clergy member), Anthony Clark, concerning the baptism, and found him “welcoming and open,” the couple noted in a Facebook post this week.

But three days before the baptism was to take place, Clark called them in and told them there were issues surrounding the ceremony, according to the post. Some members of the congregation opposed it, he said, and the McCaffreys would be the first gay couple having a child baptized at the cathedral, which would bring much public attention. The baptism, therefore, would have to be postponed, Clark told the men. The bishop, Greg Brewer, was apparently involved in the decision as well. The couple wrote that they went public with their story on Facebook “to raise awareness to our community, and to offer perspective to a reticent institution.”


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