Natural antibiotics for kidney infection – How to cure a bladder infection at home

Everyone by now has certainly had problems with urinary tract. Anyone who had a urinary tract infection knows how painful and persistent it can be. Constant need to urinate, even though you cannot urinate, and you feel pain and pressure.

Some natural antibiotics can effectively help you with the inflammation of the bladder. Get rid of the infections naturally, we present one of the most popular natural antibiotics that will eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon after the first treatment.
Every fifth woman gets inflammation of bladder infections each year caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli. But if you have symptoms of cystitis, then you should see a doctor. Symptoms of cystitis force you to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes and there are some very painful burning sensation when urinating, and you notice blood in the urine, back pain, fever or chills.
Natural antibiotic – recipe
  • 250 grams of lemon peel
  • 250 grams of parsley root
  • 250 grams of honey
  • 2 dl olive oil

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