Mark Driscoll Relaunched at Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek

Mark Driscoll hardly caught his breath after quitting as lead pastor at Mars Hill Church, as the Seattle-based mega church imploded in multiple scandals, before launching his own web site and once more appearing at evangelical conferences.
On Sunday, Driscoll delivered his first Seattle-area reappearance since last August at the big, box-like Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek.  He was  greeted with a standing ovation, with more than 100 people lining up to greet him after the 9 a.m. service.

 Driscoll was also greeted by a dozen pickets on the street outside.  “He has re-purposed his ministry without reconciling with thousands of persons who were abused,” said Van Rue, one of the protesters, who has attended both the Mars Hill and Gold Creek churches.

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