Make the First Five Count by Lysa TerKeurst

After admitting she hadn’t been reading her Bible and hearing many of her friends talk about the benefits they were getting, my daughter Ashley finally gave it a try. Each day, little by little, her interest in the Bible grew. Her life and attitude was being transformed.
I recently visited her at college and could hardly believe my eyes.
She’s a completely different girl.
At one point during our time together, I asked her, “What finally made following Jesus wholeheartedly click for you?” She said, “Mom, I’ve made friends who love Jesus. I saw a joy in them that I wanted. So, I started doing what they do even when I didn’t want to. At first I thought getting up to read the Bible was unrealistic. But as I kept doing it, the Lord started changing my thought patterns. And when I started thinking about life from the standpoint of Truth, I had so much more joy.”
If your child has been struggling in their relationship with the Lord, read more from my blog post today here:

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