Kenneth Copeland Today : Did god create evil? – Why does god allow evil in the world ?

Did God create evil?
In the sense that God created the law of sowing and reaping, and under that law there are consequences to sin, He did.
Isaiah 45:7 states, “I make peace, and create evil.” The Hebrew word for create is bara and here it means “to bring about: bring into existence.” The Hebrew word for evil is ra. It is never rendered sin, but evil (v. 7); calamity (Psalm 141:5); adversity (1 Samuel 10:19; Psalm 94:13; Ecclesiastes 7:14); grief (Nehemiah 2:10); sorrow (Genesis 44:29); trouble (Psalms 27:5, 41:1, 107:26); distress (Nehemiah 2:17); bad (Genesis 24:50, 31:24; Leviticus 27:10-14); affliction (Numbers 11:11; Zechariah 1:15); misery (Ecclesiastes 8:6); sore (Deuteronomy 6:22); noisome (Ezekiel 14:15, 21); hurt (Genesis 26:29); and wretchedness (Numbers 11:15).
The idea is that God has made the law of reaping, as well as the law of sowing, and evil and bad results will come when men sin. God has decreed that misery, wretchedness, sorrow, trouble and distress will come as a result of sin (Galatians 6:7-8).
Ra is translated evil 430 times and never with the idea that sin is created by God. If men sin and reap sin’s harvest, the responsibility for both is theirs. God simply made the law, and penalties for breaking the law will always be in force.

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