Homosexuals Must Repent or Go to Hell : First Conservative Baptist Church sign causes stir in Mandarin neighborhood

A sign in front of a Mandarin Church is getting a lot of attention. People stopping by are snapping pictures of it. Others are saying they’re not surprised by the message because of the person who put it up.

It’s on the marquee of First Conservative Baptist Church off Old St. Augustine Road. The pastor, Gene Youngblood, said he’s just exercising his right to free speech.
Some are appalled. Others say they are so used to seeing controversial messages up on the marquee that they have given up responding because they don’t want to give the pastor the satisfaction.
Either way, the pastor said he has the right to say what’s on this sign and hopes he can make a difference sharing what he says is the word of God.
Don’t shoot the messenger. In a nutshell it’s what Youngblood wants everyone who doesn’t like the sign to know.

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