Glenn Burris – Never good enough quotes

Around the world, there are prevailing cultures that thrive on shame, guilt or fear. Shame based cultures attempt to gain control over people through threats of ostracizing them. Guilt based cultures perpetuate the “never good enough” syndrome. Fear base cultures attempt to control people through intimidation and abuse. Usually you’ll find all of those exist to some degree in every culture, but generally one is tolerated or promoted above the others. 

That stands in stark contrast to a Kingdom of God culture where love, acceptance and forgiveness are the prevailing forces. While the world is being crushed under the weight of it’s hell-based influence, my prayer today is for the Church to rise up and model a different culture, one that is grace based, a heaven-born one, that will bring life-altering transformation. “May Your Kingdom come, and Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. Amen!

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