By | May 25, 2015
“No man can enter into a strong man’s
house, and spoil his goods, except he will
first bind the strong man; and then he will
spoil his house.” (Mark 3:27)
There are certain trends and traits that can be
identified in members of a particular family
for many generations. Certain negative cycles
may occur one generation after the other. These
reflect the influence and control of a particular
In some families, anyone who tries to excel in life
dies prematurely. In other families, women do
not marry, and if they do they soon get divorced.
These are limitations that Satan and his demons
set over families to oppose God’s plan for their
lives. These limitations operate in the form of
curses. In some cases, it might be a particular
sickness or disease which medicine will refer to
as “hereditary.” But as Christians, “we are not
ignorant of his devices”. Most common negative
trends that run through a family from one
generation to the other are the work of demons.
There are many operations of different spirits
that must be identified in order to set the captives
of such spirits free. In identifying these demons,
we must investigate the prevalent lifestyle of a
person, or place, the culture and traditions that
dominate a geographic area and the extent of the
spread of the gospel and persistent challenges.
The spirit responsible for enforcing these
negative trends is the personality of the strong
man. According to our anchor scripture, this
strong man must be bound in order to bring
an end to the negative trends and the cycles of
strange happenings.
PRAYER: By the power of the Holy Spirit, let
every strong man operating in my family, my
community and my nation my exposed.
By the hand of God, let that strong man be
bound and let his operations and influence in
my life cease.

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