Aluminum foil health – What Disease Can Aluminum Foil Treat

Aluminum foil is not only for cooking foods, but it can also be used to treat some diseases as well.  Foil can be placed on a painful spot on the body, such as the back, knees, shoulders, neck and more.  Leaving foil on the spot for a while will reduce and relieve the pain.  It can also be used to treat jogger’s heel and works well with salt deposits. To do, simply place a piece of aluminum foil on the area of pain, secure well, Bio pathways will travel through the body to the biologically active point.  The bio pathways will then reflect from this point, and then return back to the meridian point, where the pain will subside.  This should be done every day for 10 to 12 days, then taking a break for a week or two before starting in again.

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