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Kuwaiti Citizenship requirements : You must be a muslim to obtain passport

On May 11, the Kuwaiti Constitutional Court rejected an appeal by MP Nabil al-Fadl to adjust citizenship laws in order to allow Christians to become citizens.
The current law, according to Article 4.5 of the Citizenship Act of Kuwait, holds
that he [a potential citizen] be an original Muslim by birth, or that he has converted to Islam according to the prescribed rules and procedures and that a period of at least 5 years has passed since he embraced Islam before the grant of naturalization.
Nationality thus acquired is ipso facto lost and the Decree of naturalization rendered void ab initio if the naturalized person expressly renounces Islam or if he behaves in such a manner as clearly indicates his intention to abandon Islam. In any such case, the nationality of any dependant of the apostate who had acquired it upon the naturalization of the apostate is also rendered void.
Such is the idea of "nationality" in Muslim countries—one that is antithetical to Western notions of citizenship, where freedom of religion (and conscience) are paramount.
This also sheds light on why Muslim "apostates," especially those who convert to Christianity, are regularly seen as traitors: abandoning Islam is synonymous with treason.

Boston Marathon false flag : Video - Glenn Beck exposes Boston bombing as an inside job

Police brutality today : American police shooting claimed 400 lives in 2015

US police have killed almost 400 people nationwide in 2015, a rate of more than two a day, The Washington Post reported on Sunday, using its own tally for lack of complete federal statistics. According to its report, the figures are twice as high as the rate of fatal police shootings tallied by the federal government over the past decade. Read More

Solar light from plastic bottle :Sunlight in a Bottle? Its Real, and its Changing Millions of Lives‏

May 31, 2015 - Alfredo Moser’s invention is lighting up the world. In 2002, the Brazilian mechanic had a light-bulb moment and came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity – using nothing more than plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach.

In the last two years his innovation has spread throughout the world. It is expected to be in one million homes by early next year. 

So how does it work? Simple refraction of sunlight, explains Moser, as he fills an empty two-litre plastic bottle.

“Add two capfuls of bleach to protect the water so it doesn’t turn green [with algae]. The cleaner the bottle, the better,” he adds. 

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Ralph Rieckermann Admits He’s Been to Snuff Parties Where People Were Murdered For Entertainment

In a shocking (and hopefully not serious) video admission to online entertainment news outlet TMZ, former Scorpionsbassist Ralph Rieckermann says he has attended snuff parties in the past. For those not in the know, snuff parties are attended by folks who, according to Rieckermann, pay upwards of $100,000 to witness someone get murdered.

In the video posted on the TMZ website, Rieckermann is approached by one of the TMZ cameramen and was jokingly asked if he was going to be attending any German fetish parties later that evening. While Rieckermann initially laughs off the comment, the interview takes a surprisingly dark turn.

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Pastor Hastings Salanje of Wells of Revival Ministries brags about his riches on Facebook

“Find me a pastor who is living in a house same like mine on the picture and I will give you R2500 (100,000)”, writes Pastor Hastings Salanje.
The Malawian Pastor who is the leader of the Wells of Revival Ministries in Johannesburg has become a social media sensation and has gained more than 4000 followers since starting his Facebook page earlier this year.
Unlike most men of the clergy, Salanje does not use the platform to share scriptures or reach out to his followers but rather uses it to brag and show off his riches.
His Facebook page is littered with images of his expensive cars and upmarket mansion.
“I want you to find me 3 cars similar to my one car, that Mercedes Benz S500 or 600 Blue efficiency 2012 to 2015 face lift, and I will reward you with R5000 (K200,000). If you get one I will give you R2500, the car must be in Malawi and with a Malawian number plate, whether belongs to the government I don’t mind”, his latest post reads.
“If you do that then I will know that your claim is right and I will stop testifying. But if you don’t then you are in trouble because I have just testified 20% of what God has done in the past 12months, you better unfriend me,” he further states.

Hartford Police identify Aaron Taylor as suspect in Rev. Dr. Augustus Sealy shooting

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Hartford police have identified and obtained an arrest warrant for a man accused of shooting a pastor last Sunday.
Officials have an active arrest warrant for Aaron Taylor, 25-year-old of Windsor for the shooting that happened at First Nazarene Church on Capitol Avenue last Sunday.
Police want the public to use caution when dealing with Taylor, they believe he still has the firearm in possession that was used in these shootings.
According to Hartford Police, Taylor is believed to be operating a black Nissan Maxima and also a suspect in other crimes. Taylor is currently charged with criminal attempt to commit murder and assault in the first degree, this warrant carries a 1.2 million dollar judge set bond.

Saturday, May 30

Obituary : Beau Biden -- son of Vice President Joe Biden dies at 46

Beau Biden -- son of Vice President Joe Biden -- has died of brain cancer at 46, the White House confirmed in a statement Saturday.
"It is with broken hearts that Hallie, Hunter, Ashley, Jill and I announce the passing of our husband, brother and son, Beau, after he battled brain cancer with the same integrity, courage and strength he demonstrated every day of his life," the statement from Vice President Biden's office said.
"The entire Biden family is saddened beyond words. We know that Beau's spirit will live on in all of us-especially through his brave wife, Hallie, and two remarkable children, Natalie and Hunter," the statement said.
The younger Biden was a lawyer, member of the Delaware National Guard and former Delaware attorney general.

Video : Elder L. Tom Perry: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Calling dies

Obituary : Elder L. Tom Perry , leader of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dies at 92.

Mormon leader L. Tom Perry, a senior member of the governing body of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Saturday at his home in Utah, the church said. He was 92.
Perry died of thyroid cancer at around 3 p.m. while surrounded by family at his Salt Lake City home, according to a statement from Mormon church. Perry was the second most senior and oldest living apostle among a group of 15 who hold the highest priesthood offices in the church, according to the website.
The church announced that Perry had been hospitalized with breathing trouble in late April and on April 24 announced that he had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
VIDEO: Elder L. Tom Perry—An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Calling 

Friday, May 29

Drunk driver hits Love and Hugs Christian Tabernacle Church bus , injures 15

More than a dozen local church members are recovering after a church bus crash Thursday night. Police say a drunk driver hit the bus head-on.

The church is in Rockdale County, but the crash was along Highway 123 in Stephens County. They were traveling from Love and Hugs Christian Tabernacle Church in Conyers.

Fire officials say a car hit the church bus near Toccoa on the way to a women's retreat. 
Eighteen people were on the bus, and 15 went to local hospitals.

Channel 2’s Audrey Washington spoke to a church member who is still recovering in a hospital. The member said she was sitting towards the front of the bus and witnessed the moment of impact.
“I just thank God for putting his arms around us and keeping us safe and sound,” said church member Charlotte Hill.
Hill has a swollen black eye and other bumps and bruises.
“That was a very frightening experience,” Minister Sharon Johnson told Washington via phone. “I’ve never witnessed anything like that before.”
Johnson said she watched the driver of the car veer towards their bus.
“I saw him when he began to weave. I saw when he held his head up and realized he was fixing to hit us head on,” said Johnson.
The driver of the car was airlifted to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.  Two people were transported to Franklin County Hospital, 13 were transported to Stephens County Hospital, and two refused treatment.

Former Indiana Pastor Derrick “Duke” Hampsch charged in church sex act enters guilty plea

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – A former Vincennes, Indiana youth pastor charged with sexual misconduct with a minor entered a guilty plea Wednesday in a Madison County, Indiana courtroom.
Derrick “Duke” Hampsch was arrested by Vincennes Police Detectives in 2014 after a victim’s family member came forward with allegations Hampsch took part in sex acts with a female victim. Hampsch, at that time, served as a Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Vincennes.
A court document provided to News 10 explained in April of 2010, Hampsch fondled the victim and had the victim fondle him. This incident, the document stated, happened at a First Baptist Church event in Anderson, Indiana. The victim told police, the church group traveled from Vincennes and stayed overnight at the Madison Park Church of God.

Soobies Bar & Grill : Portland strip club converted into evangelical church

One of Portland's most notorious strip clubs has been converted — pun intended — into a church.
A 2-year-old congregation called Shepherd's Gate Church has renovated and moved into the building at 333 S.E. 122nd Ave., formerly home to Soobies Bar & Grill.

Soobies was known for trouble. In 2009, a robber shot a bartender after enjoying a few lap dances. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission revoked the club's license in 2013, citing a "history of serious and persistent problems," including drug activity, fights, public urination, noise and public drunkenness. Afterward, owners continued offering late-night entertainment, but served juice instead of booze. That only pushed alcohol consumption to the parking lot.

How much money is one million pennies ? : Church collects one million pennies to build wells in Africa

JACKSON, MI – A single penny weighs 2.5 grams. One million pennies , however, weighs more than 5,500 pounds, and that can have quite the impact on a single community.
Immanuel Lutheran Church in Jackson knows the million pennies it's collected can change the lives of those living in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. With the million pennies, which is $10,000, the church will help build 25 wells in these African countries.
Stan Fracker, the coordinator of the project "Pennies for Wells," wanted to show the children at his church how much of an impact something so small could make.

Thursday, May 28


The Obama Administration is poised to require faith-based recipients of federal grants to accept applications from LGBT individuals, according to a reportpublished today by the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam).
By executive order last summer, President Obama amended the Johnson-era federal order on non-discrimination in hiring by federal contractors to include non-discrimination based on “sexual orientation and gender identity.” That order has roiled faith-based groups.
A confidential source tells C-Fam that the White House has directed federal agencies to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” as protected classes in all grant agreements.

Raw Video : Lightning Strike at Maine Church Caught on Camera

Mother Nature's power was captured Wednesday by 16-year-old Carl Bouley, who whipped out his phone to record the church after his gut instinct told him it was about to be hit.

Obituary : Pastor Darrell Morgan of the New Harvest Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster shot and killed by police

A pastor at a South Carolina church who was shot by deputies at a Lancaster business after what they are calling a domestic situation died at the hospital, according to the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED).
Officials with SLED confirmed just before 3:30 p.m. Thursday that SLED agents and crime scene investigators were called out to Carolina Corner, a business on the 3100 block of Charlotte Highway.
According to SLED a woman went into the store, and her estranged husband went in after her a short time later. The two talked for a moment before the man pulled out a gun. The store owner then called 911.
Members of the New Harvest Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster confirmed to WBTV that the man was their pastor, 60-year-old Darrell Morgan.
Deputies from the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office said when they arrived at the scene Morgan, who was in the doorway of the business, made threats and pointed his gun at them.
Two deputies fired and struck Morgan. It is not clear how many times he was hit. He was then rushed to an area hospital where he was later pronounced deceased.

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Youtube isis news : Palestinian Parody about ISIS

Video : Tunisian Scholar Mohamed Talbi: The Quran Does Not Prohibit Alcohol, Prostitution, or Homosexuality

Tunisian Islamic scholar Mohamed Talbi recently expounded upon his views of Islam in an interview on Tunisia's TV Channel 1. Talbi said that there are no Quranic verses prohibiting alcohol consumption, prostitution, or homosexuality, noting that "prevention is not prohibition." Talbi, who called himself a "Quranic Muslim," said that the claim that the Prophet Muhammad was illiterate was "the greatest farce of all." The interview aired on April 15, 2015.

Dutch anti islam : Netherlands plans to ban full-face Muslim veils in public places

(A protestors attends a demonstration against the ban on Muslim women wearing the burqa in public in The Hague, November 30, 2006. The Dutch government agreed to a total ban on the wearing of burqas and other Muslim face veils in public, justifying the move on security grounds. The Netherlands would be the first European state to impose a countrywide ban on Islamic face coverings, though other countries have already outlawed them in specific places. REUTERS/Toussaint Kluiters)
(A protestors attends a demonstration against the ban on Muslim women wearing the burqa in public in The Hague, November 30, 2006. REUTERS/Toussaint Kluiters)
The Dutch government has agreed to introduce a partial ban on the wearing of the full-face veil in public places, the Home Affairs Ministry said in a statement.
The proposed ban, which must be approved by parliament before it can become law, would apply to all face-covering clothing, including ski-masks and helmets, on public transport and in schools, hospitals and government offices.
The measure “had nothing to do with religion,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte told journalists in The Hague last Friday after the proposed measure was passed by the cabinet.
“In a free country like the Netherlands, everyone has the right to dress how they choose, no matter what others think. That freedom is only limited in situations when it is essential for people to look at each other,” the statement said.

Old nuclear power plants :Researchers discover a 2 billion year old Nuclear Reactor in African

May 28, 2015 - In 1972, a worker at a nuclear fuel processing plant noticed something suspicious in a routine analysis of uranium obtained from a normal mineral source from Africa. As is the case with all natural uranium, the material under study contained three isotopos- ie three forms with different atomic masses: uranium 238, the most abundant variety; uranium 234, the rarest; and uranium 235, the isotope that is coveted because it can sustain a nuclear chain reaction. For weeks, specialists at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) remained perplexed

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot : No to gay marriage referendum

In the wake of Ireland’s historic legalization of same-sex marriage, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot has dismissed the idea of a referendum on the issue in his own country. Referendums are held when constitutional changes are proposed, and “I don’t think anyone’s suggesting that the constitution needs to be changed in this respect.”
Abbot, a staunch Catholic, is personally against same-sex marriage but feels the issue should be dealt with through Parliament. His priority is boosting the economy. The issue was raised and defeated in Parliament in 2012, and the conservative government is opposed to changing existing marriage law in any way.
He concedes it’s a serious issue that is important to a lot of Australians but says unless and until it comes before Parliament again, it’s a moot point. If it does come up again, Parliament will decide whether existing policy continues or not and, in Abbot’s words, “we will have a good debate.”
“Not for a second do I want to underestimate the feelings that people have on this issue, both for and against, not for a second,” he says.  “… But my priority as Prime Minister, the government’s priority in the coming fortnight is to give the small businesses of Australia the confidence boost that they deserve.”

Corporal Monifa Sterling : No weapon formed against you shall prosper

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” This is the Bible verse (Isaiah 54:17) that Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was court martialed over. Unbelievably, she was criminally prosecuted by the U.S. government for displaying this encouraging Scripture on her computer in her workspace. Give me a break—really? Can our society be at a point where a supervisor can order a young Marine to remove a Bible verse from her computer? Others are able to display secular messages without any opposition, but Sterling was targeted by her supervisor. Today there’s a tolerance in our culture for everything—except the things of God and His Word. The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces has been asked to review LCpl Sterling’s case—let’s pray that this kind of targeting and persecution of Christians by our government will be stopped.…/49804-marine-court-martialed-…

Lutheran Pastor Rev. Christopher Thoma also a Scotch whisky reviewer

 — A Livingston County reverend wrote a book, and its subject matter might surprise you. "The Angels' Portion: A Clergyman's Whisky Narrative" is a collection of Scotch whisky reviews that reads more like a collection of creative short stories.
"Eyebrows raise sometimes. You enjoy Scotch whisky? Isn't that out of the ordinary for a pastor?" the Rev. Christopher Thoma said of how some people react when they find out he is a Scotch whisky aficionado, blogger and collector.
Thoma, the pastor at Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church and School in Hartland Township, developed entries from his whisky review blog,, into a 380-page book, according to the Livingston Daily Press & Argus ( ).
Far from your typical booze reviews, Thoma's "tell stories, quote literature, dig into history," capture moments with his four children and wife Jennifer, sometimes come in the form of fan fiction, and "there is a lot of theology in there, too," he said.

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Pastor Edgar Damian-Nicholas of North Carolina pastor accused of raping teenage girls

DUPLIN COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina pastor is accused of raping teen girls.
WITN reported that Edgar Damian-Nicholas, 37, of Teachey, has been charged with multiple sex counts, including statutory rape of teen girls.
The suspect is a pastor at Pentecostal Holiness church in Wallace. His alleged victims are two girls, ages 14 and 15.
The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office said he victimized one girl for several years. The other, for the past year.
The suspect was jailed under a $500,000 bond. He has court next month.

Obituary : Rev. Seth Oiler of First United Methodist Church Ohio Commits Suicide After Admitting Affair With Church Member

A married pastor and father of three from Ohio who was about to lose his job after confessing to an affair with a member of his flock earlier this month, reportedly took his own life on Friday inside the church-owned parsonage where he lived with his wife and three children.
The Rev. Seth Oiler, 42, of First United Methodist Church, died by suicide inside the parsonage on Friday morning, according to the Newark Advocate. The report noted that the church had sent a letter to the congregation earlier this month informing them that Oiler had been placed on leave after confessing to the affair.
"The bishop (Gregory Palmer) requested a meeting with Seth at which time Seth freely confessed to sexual misconduct with an adult in the congregation. Seth requested a voluntary leave of absence. He agreed with the bishop that stepping aside from his current appointment at First United Methodist Church was best in order to provide a time of counseling for himself and his family," said Lisa Streight, communications director for the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, in a statement to the Newark Advocate late Tuesday.
"We were just heartbroken and stunned," Streight added in a later report. "Many people are grieving, including of course his wife and children, the congregation he served and so many of his colleagues and friends. It was terribly sad."
As news of Oiler's untimely death spread over the weekend, many who knew the pastor told the advocate that Oiler was about to lose his job with the church but they were providing support for his family, including allowing them to temporarily stay in the parsonage and extending his salary.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints New Jersey : Mormons building big church in Jersey City

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has taken root and is growing in Hudson County. They recently purchased a large tract on Route 139 and Bevan Street in Jersey City right near Kennedy Boulevard for their newest church center.
The site of a former car dealership has been vacant for decades and is in a very visible location. It could be the most prominent of the Mormon churches already on Journal Square, in Union City and West New York. "We hope to build a large structure," said Brad Thatcher, a sixth-generation Mormon who is one of the two counselors of the Caldwell Stake, their equivalent of a diocese or region.
I met with Thatcher and Megan Parker, their public affairs specialist for the New York Metro area who is also a member, at their West New York church center right across from Albio Sires Elementary School. (By the way, Sires and I were St. Peter's College classmates.) This site was built in 2001 and claims 150 members, mostly Spanish, said Thatcher.

Twitter fight : J.K. Rowling Had An Incredible Fight With the Westboro Baptist Church

It didn’t take long for the Westboro Baptist Church to taunt J.K. Rowling on Twitter for her response to Ireland legalizing same sex marriage. But the Harry Potter author fired back in kind.

After Ireland legalized same sex marriage by popular vote, Rowling tweeted a meme suggesting that if Dumbledore, beloved Hogwarts headmaster, and Gandalf, Lord of the Rings wizard, were gay together, they could now get married in that country. The extremist Westboro Baptist Church tweeted at the author, saying they would picket the fictional wedding. That’s when Rowling shot them down:

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September 2015 prophecy : 2015 Is the Year of Hell On Earth

September 2015. The month of doom, gloom, catastrophe, and God’s wrath! Here are some facts and some theories:
—the end of the Shemitah cycle
—Blood Moon
—Economy Crash
—Asteroid/Meteor/Comet impact
—Martial Law
—the beginning of the tribulation
—the rapture
—God’s judgment
These are among the many theories and prophecies being posted all over the internet about this September.  But will anything really happen this September, or is it all just hype?
Watch the below videos and decide for yourself. Is there any reason we should be concerned about this coming September? Only time will tell.

Terrorist rockets have again been launched at Israel ftom Hamas

BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist rockets have again been launched at Israel. At least one rocket has landed in the south of Israel, out of several that were launched. No injuries have been reported.
Read the full story:
Stand for Israel's photo.

Pastor dollar 2015 - Creflo dollar forgiveness quote

We’ve all been hurt at some point in our lives, but some genuinely struggle with forgiveness. How do you step into forgiving someone that you love who hurt you? Creflo answers this question and more on this episode of‪#‎YourWorldwithCreflo‬. View the entire show “Forgiveness” here:
Weekly offer:

Kris Vallotton - Kris vallotton quotes

I have come to expect that when people say, "I live by faith," it means they don't actually have a job. People who have jobs support them. The connotation is that once you have a job, you are no longer living by faith.
Personally, I don't want to reduce my income down to something I can do in my own strength. I want to work in a way that benefits people, and no matter how much money I make, I want to trust God for my sustenance.
Why would I stop living by faith just because I have a regular income? I need a hundred times more than I can produce to fulfill the call of God on my life.
Some people need to get a life, while others need to get a job.
If you live by donations, please say that because the notion that those who support you don't live by faith is offensive. 

Kardashian controversy : Khloe Kardashian Offends With Niqab Instagram Photo

Khloe Kardashian came under fire after she wore a niqab, a facial covering worn by Muslim women, in a selfie she posted to Instagram on Tuesday.
Kardashian shared the photo with her 22.9 million followers alongside the caption "Habibi Love." The word "habibi" is an Arabic term meaning "my baby" or "my darling."

Complex noted that some criticized Kardashian, who is currently in Dubai, for posing in the traditional garment. Sisters Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashianhave also worn similar attire while in Dubai, despite the fact that it is not mandatory in the region, especially not for foreigners visiting the country.
Last year, the 30-year-old reality star caused some controversy after posting an Instagram picture of Scott Disick and their friend Chris Reda dressed in traditional Arabian clothing for Halloween. In that pic, she wore a pair of lace cat ears and captioned it "Sheik P***y."
Kardashian, who didn't understand why she was being so heavily criticized, later asked two Muslim employees at the Kardashian family's Dash store about the controversy, and got a lesson in cultural appropriation.

Video: Creepy creatures caught on camera in the Netherlands

Evangelicals and catholics together : Pope Francis Says the Devil Is Keeping Evangelicals and Catholics Divided

"I feel like saying something that may sound controversial, or even heretical, perhaps," he added. "But there is someone who 'knows' that, despite our differences, we are one. It is he who is persecuting us. It is he who is persecuting Christians today, he who is anointing us with (the blood of) martyrdom."
Francis added that the devil "knows that Christians are disciples of Christ, that they are one, that they are brothers! He doesn't care if they are Evangelicals or Orthodox, Lutherans, Catholics or Apostolic … he doesn't care! They are Christians."

Illinois couple Leo and Ruth Zanger welcomed their 100th grandchild!

An Illinois couple recently welcomed their 100th grandchild!
Leo and Ruth Zanger of Quincy have been married for 59 years and have 12 children, 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. The birth of great-grandson Jaxton Leo on April 8 made the number of grandkids an even 100.
"The good Lord has just kept sending them," Leo told The Quincy Herald-Whig. "We could start our own town."
Most of the family lives in the Quincy area. When they get together, they rent a church hall. It takes 50 pounds of ham or ten turkeys to feed everyone.
Despite the staggering size of their family, the Zangers might not be done growing.
"There's always room for one more," Ruth remarked.
Watch more above.

founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome Reconciles with estranged wife, Anita

Latest reports suggests that embattled founder of Christ EmbassyChris Oyakhilome may have settled his differences with his wife, Anita Oyakhilome and are back together again.
According to sources, Pastor Chris and Anita were seen together at a reunion service, hugging and holding hands.
Pastor Anita had filed for divorce in April 2014 on the grounds of adultery, a claim which was immediately squashed by Pastor Chris and his lawyers.
Facebook user who attends Christ Embassy had uploaded a photo on his page with a caption which read " Thank You Jesus. Glory!", supporting the claim that the popular pastor and his wife are back on track and have chosen to mend their marriage.

OAKDALE, Calif. - Pastor Tyler David Bliss gets 5 years for receiving child p-graphy

OAKDALE, Calif. - Tyler David Bliss, 28, of Oakdale, was sentenced today by United States District Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill to five years in prison, to be followed by 15 years of supervised release, for the receipt of a visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced.
According to court documents from October 2013 through February 2014, Bliss received via the Internet more than 600 images of child pornography. Bliss came to the attention of law enforcement when Google reported to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) that on December 3, 2013, an image of suspected child pornography had been uploaded to a Google account. The investigation revealed that the account had been accessed from a residence in Oakdale as well as from a church in Oakdale. Bliss had been serving as Supervisor of Student Ministries at the church.              

South African Pastor Lucky Shabangu arrested for stealing R1m Porsche

A South African award-winning musician appeared at the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Monday after he was arrested for being in possession of a stolen Porsche worth almost R1 million.

Lucky Shabangu, 39, who is now a pastor and his accomplice 35-year-old Thobani Pascal Makuzeni were identified at the culprits, according to the Cape Argus.
Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the arrest and court appearance to the Cape Argus and it was revealed in court that their fingerprints are currently being tested to gain more information about any previous convictions.
South Africa's answer to Boys to Men, the duo enjoyed success with hit songs like Shona Phansi, Higher and Higher and Love 10000, and won two South African Music Awards.

Pastor Gentry and Hadley Eddings Lose Newborn Child Days After Their 2-Year-Old Son Dies in Tragic Crash

A Charlotte, North Carolina, pastor and his wife have been hit by unthinkable tragedy, losing their 2-year-old son and newborn child in just matter of days. The couple’s newborn son died on Monday, two days after a car accident claimed the life of their eldest son, WCNC-TV reported.
Gentry and Hadley Eddings were driving home to Charlotte as part of a caravan on Saturday when a truck struck the vehicle transporting Hadley and the couple’s son, Dobbs. Gentry Eddings was reportedly traveling in a different car.
(Forest Hill Church)
Photo courtesy Forest Hill Church
Hadley Eddings, who was eight months pregnant, survived, but needed an emergency C-section. Dobbs did not survive the crash, and the newborn baby, Reed, was ultimately declared dead.
David Chadwick, the senior pastor at Forest Hill Church, delivered the tragic news to church members on Tuesday:
“Gentry and Hadley are beloved by us all…He is a man of enormous integrity. They both possess a deep faith. But it will be challenged in the days and weeks to come like no other time.”
 The couple is now leaning on their faith and prayers to get them through what will certainly be the most trying period in their lives.
More than $89,000 has been raised by a GoFundMe online fundraiser to help cover the family’s medical expenses.