Wednesday, April 29

Rick Renner Word for Today : Matthew 5 study - Let your light shine before men sermon

I've been encouraging you from Matthew 5:16. Today I want to ask you:
• Can you think of someone you can help who is deeply struggling right now and needs a good example?
• Can you think of a person who influenced you in the past with his godly example and you’re grateful that he allowed God to use him in your life? Have you ever taken time to express your thankfulness to him? If you haven’t already thanked that person, what is stopping you from taking a few minutes to express your appreciation?
Denise and I are praying for you! You have the light of Christ in your heart, and you can use that light to influence and benefit others. May you realize this fact in a fresh, new way and draw nearer to Jesus than you ever have before. As you do, I know you’ll experience His drawing nearer to you in a fellowship that’s sweet — one that will grace, strengthen, and season you for greater influence ahead.
If you have any prayer requests, please let us know about them. We pray for you, anyway, but we really want to hear your specific requests too. Knowing your needs and your heart’s desires not only helps us connect with you in a deeper way, but it also provides you with the faith in our hearts to bolster you as you stand on God’s promises. Impossibilities become possible when we believe together! (email: -- Rick Renner

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