Friday, April 17

Obituary : Rustin Kimsey, Episcopal bishop dies at 79

The Rev. Rustin Kimsey, a leader in statewide Christian ministry and former bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Oregon, died April 10. He was 79 years old.
"He was a constant reminder that we who live in the urban area are not the beginning nor the end of Oregon," said David Leslie, director of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.
Kimsey, who went by "Rusty," was a sixth-generation Oregonian. Though his ministry focused on Eastern Oregon, Portland-area faith leaders say his work influenced their approach in the metro-area.
Kimsey was instrumental in fostering cooperation between the Christian community and state government, Leslie said. He was key in building a relationship with the Department of Human Services that allows a number of churches in the Portland-area to serve the foster-care system today.
rustin kimsey.jpgRustin "Rusty" Kimsey 
Kimsey was also integral in bringing representative from tribes, churches, the shipping industry and other interested parties together to discuss the controversial proposal to breech dams on the lower Snake River more than a decade ago, Leslie said. His model for collaboration on that issue was "unprecedented," Leslie said, and is still being used around the state.
Friends say he was casual, unassuming and a great storyteller.

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