Wednesday, April 8

Obituary : Kennebunkport Pastor Robert Howes dies

The Rev. Robert Howes did not let the walls of his church prevent him from helping others in his community who were in need of his spiritual strength and foresight.
Friends and family members said that Howes, who died last week at age 90, took his faith and spread it into the world beyond his beloved South Congregational Church of Kennebunkport.

Howes served as pastor of South Congregational from 1955 to 1989. He served concurrently as pastor of the First Congregational Church in Kennebunkport from 1962 to 1989.
“He ministered to people from all walks of life,” said a son, Eric Howes of Auburn. “He was very involved in the life of the community. I think my dad viewed the greater community as his South Congregational Church. He took a much broader view of what the church’s mission was than most.”
Known to many as Bob or Reverend Bob, Howes died Thursday at his home in Kennebunk after a brief illness.
Charles Whiston succeeded Howes as minister of the South Congregational Church after Howes retired in 1989. After his retirement, he became minister emeritus.

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