Thursday, April 16

Number of Indonesia people who converted from islam to christianity increases every 15 seconds

While many parts of the world are becoming Muslim at an alarming rate, other areas are actually experiencing a dramatic rise in Christian converts. One such place is Indonesia where it is estimated that over 2 million people convert from Islam to Christianity each year. That’s about one person every 15 seconds. Even more encouraging, if this rate of conversion continues, by 2035, Indonesia will no longer be a largely Muslim nation. Indonesia is currently the largest Islamic nation in the world with over 200 million professing Muslims.
While these conversion numbers are good news for Christians, Muslims aren’t taking the news so well. In fact, they are so concerned about this new “alarming” trend of Christian conversions that they’ve launched a marketing campaign aimed at saving the Muslim youth. They call it the “Save Maryam Campaign”. The primary component of the campaign is a video that depicts Christians as infiltrators who trick an unhappy young girl named Maryam into the Christian lifestyle. They claim that most Christian converts are youth and propose launching the country’s first Muslim youth TV channel. Another aspect of the campaign is a phone helpline that will assist youth in understanding the social and cultural issues that impact their lives.
Much of the Christian influence in the country can be attributed to Christian radio and television stations and telephone hot lines that not only preach the word of God but offer counsel for personal and domestic problems.

Why It Matters

The dramatic rise in Christianity in Indonesia is something to praise God for. The fact that Muslims are so concerned about it only lends proof to the effectiveness of the evangelism efforts being conducted in the country. It is also interesting that the new Muslim campaign utilizes many of the same methods that were so successful at converting individuals to Christianity.

Take Action

  • Join the revolution in Indonesia by visiting, where you will find specific prayer points and other ways to get involved.
Photo Credit:  Reuters

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