Monday, April 13

Joyce meyer morning prayer

"God, I pray that the roots of my being be firmly and deeply planted in You. You are able to do far above and beyond anything that I can ever dare to hope, ask, or even think. 

So, no matter what my circumstances may be, no matter how desperate it may seem, I refused to give up hope. 
You can change hearts, heal a sick body, rekindle a marriage, and restore finances. You can feed five thousand people with a little boy's lunch, walk on water and read men's hearts. No matter how bad things may look, I know things will change for the better. 

If I do what I can do, Lord, I know You will do what I cannot do. The enemy cannot defeat me because I refuse to stop hoping in You. Lord, You can take my mess and turn it into a miracle. 
You can work it all out for my good. All things are possible with You. In Jesus' name, Amen."

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