Friday, April 24

John Piper on Anxiety : Nine Arguments Against Anxiety

Principle for Bible Reading

This three-part series of labs takes on anxiety by studying Matthew 6:24–27. If the Bible is going to effectively speak to our anxious hearts, we need to learn how to read it well. In this lab, John Piper lays out the arguments and gives three short lessons for our daily Bible reading.

Study Questions

  1. Read Matthew 6:24–34. What do you think is the main point of these eleven verses?
  2. Read Matthew 6:24–34 again. How many different arguments do you see that support your main point?
  3. Restate each of the arguments you identified from the previous question in your own words.

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Piper: “Jesus gives us help to overcome our anxiety, but we need to learn how to read our Bibles to receive it.”

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