Friday, April 24

Israel and Armenian Genocide : President Reuven Rivlin Endorses Pope’s Comments on Armenian Genocide

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke out strongly on the question of the Armenian genocide in a closed session with journalists held last week in Jerusalem in honor of Israel Independence Day. The comments, made in response to a question posed by The Tower and cleared for publication today, will do little to ease relations between Israel and Turkey—which strongly condemns any efforts to use the term “genocide”—and will also form a sharp contrast with the refusal of U.S. President Barack Obama to use the word “genocide” in discussing the tragedy of the Armenians in 1915, despite having promised to do so when he ran for president in 2008.
April 24 will mark the internationally recognized 100th anniversary of the systematic extermination of over one million Armenians and their expulsion from their traditional homeland in Turkey in 1915. Ninety percent of Turkish Armenians, it is estimated, lost their lives.
In his comments, Rivlin drew a direct historical link between the world’s failure to prevent the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust. “The Nazis,” he said, “used the Armenian genocide as something that gave them permission to bring the Holocaust into reality.”

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