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How to Increase Blood Sugar Level Natural Pancreas Regeneration Treatment

It is very important to know how you can prevent diabetes. The pancreas has a main role in keeping the normal level of sugar in the blood. Therefore, it is very important to regulate the insulin, because if it comes to a certain disorder, transforms the body into a solid ground for development of diabetes.
The recent studies have shown that until the puberty, the pancreas is much more adaptable and capable for regeneration and self-healing. This discovery was made by a conducted research on lab mice, which was funded by the National Research Program.
preventing diabetes

The studies are showing that there about 40 000 individuals who are suffering from type-1 diabetes in Switzerland. And the biggest factor is the loss of the pancreatic beta cells, which are responsible for producing the insulin hormone, that is absolutely essential for the regulation of the usage of sugar in the human body.
And the bad news is that those beta cells do not regenerate, thus, for many years, scientists thought that the loss of the beta cells is completely irreversible, and that is why the diabetic patients are bound to take insulin shots for the rest of their lives.
Fortunately, there was a breakthrough by a research team from University of Geneva. Conducting an experiment on diabetic lab mice, they have demonstrated that a few pancreatic alpha cells started to change into beta cells. Instead of producing the hormone glucagons (which is responsible for blood sugar-raising), they have started to produce insulin. And as a second result from this research, it was find out that the pancreas became capable to compensate for the loss of insulin-producing beta cells, which was completely unknown by now.

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