Sunday, April 26

Florida Muslim Woman Hakima Benaddi threatening to blow Domino's Pizza Store

A customer complaint over a sloppy pizza is at the heart of a discrimination lawsuit filed in Polk county.
The plaintiff, a Muslim woman, claims the Domino's pizza manager wrongly accused her of threatening to blow the restaurant up.
Hakima Benaddi never imagined what would come from her pizza order in July of 2012.
“They take you, put you in handcuffs, take you to jail,” Benaddi said tearfully Thursday.
She wore her headscarf to the restaurant for the first time that visit to buy her typical veggie pie. She believes it made all the difference in how workers prepared the pizza.
“It was deformed, missing ingredients, it's missing crust,” said Thania Clevenger, Civil Rights Director of CAIR Florida.
When she went back to complain, an incident unraveled she said that changed her forever.
“When I complained- I went to the jail,” Benaddi explained.
The Davenport Domino's manager insisted Benaddi threatened to blow the place up.
The accusations led to Benaddi behind bars.
“That story damaged my life,” Benaddi said, adding she could not get a job for two months until the charge was eventually dropped.
Through the support of the Council on American Islamic Relations Florida, Benaddi is suing the former franchise owner and his company.

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