Friday, April 24

Benny Hinn who is the holy spirit - Abundance and Anointing

Abundance and Anointing
One word can bring you out of bondage and take you into a place of restoration and favor—a place you have never been before! As a child, Brian Carn had a man of God named Benny Hinn speak a word over his life, calling the youngster out during a service in Florida and saying, “The light of God is on you. You are a prophet. God is going to use you mightily.” And it came to pass! Like Brian, you may be one word away from a supernatural change in your life. One word! Relating several very personal instances from his past, Brian explains how the Lord has put in his heart, more than ever before, to tell His people about the keys to praying through to your prophecy! This is a must-see broadcast!

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