Tuesday, April 14

14 April marks one year since the nearly 300 ‪#‎ChibokGirls‬ were kidnapped in Nigeria

"Apart from the few girls who have managed to escape, there has essentially been a communication blackout between families and campaigners and the missing girls...We are hopeful the change in leadership in Nigeria will bring a renewed focus on rescuing the Chibok girls. I think the Nigerian people spoke during the election and they made that very clear. The security situation wasn’t being dealt with. Their discontent was felt during the election."
-Kim Brown, Equality Now
14 April marks one year since the nearly 300 ‪#‎ChibokGirls‬ were kidnapped in Nigeria, and kidnappings and violence are ongoing. Today, UNICEF released a report about the hundreds of thousands of children facing abduction and conscription in regions where Boko Haram is active.‪#‎365daysON‬ ‪#‎BringBackOurGirls‬

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