Thursday, March 5

How to improve immunity power naturally

You may not have seen a gorilla in the flesh, but surely you are familiar with their chest thumping habits. It never fails to amaze me how smart our hominoid relatives are.
That act of pounding ones chest actually serves to benefit the body in a number of ways and you may be taking a book out of an apes book after reading this guide to thymus thumping.
Hidden behind your breastbone is a small specialized organ which is intrinsic to immune system function: the thymus gland.
As an essential part of the lymphatic system, your thymus gland is responsible for churning out mature white blood cells which are vital to fighting all kinds of infections, from serious disease to the common cold.
It seems strange that an organ with such a big job sees little attention, but a healthy thymus is most active during neonatal and pre-adolescent stages. After puberty, the thymus gland enters into an type of atrophy outside of residual T cell lymphopoiesis and won’t really be of significance unless sickly.
What is important to know about your thymus however is that it has a major influence on the strength of your immune system when functioning at its best.

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