Friday, February 27

Thai Wedding Traditions Dies as Three Men ‘Marry’ Each Other

Photos of three Thailand men who recently ‘married’ each other have gone viral, garnering societal support for the concept of same-sex “throuples” worldwide, but also generating remarks from Christians about the confirmation of the slippery slope that has long been predicted.

The men, who have only been identified as Joke, Belle and Art Thani, reportedly participated in a traditional water-pouring ceremony on Feb. 15 and had photographs taken of their union. However, the act was more of a symbolic gesture as neither homosexuality or polygamy are legal in Thailand.

“Love occurs unconditionally and is not limited to only two people,” Art wrote on Facebook. “Love brings peace to the world.”

The threesome has also been featured on Thailand television, and have posted affectionate photos online which include captions such as, “The three of us will forever hold hands and walk together.”

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