Monday, February 9

Persian Dance Party : Iranian security agents burst into a private dance party and arrested everyone there

Iranian security forces raided party in the city of Mashhad and arrested 84 young people for dancing. After receiving a tip-off, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence and Security moved in on the mixed-gender party.

A report on Iran’s state-run media said, "After the information was confirmed, the necessary coordination was carried out with judicial authorities and the authorization for the operation was issued. The 49 men and 35 women were arrested in a surprise operation while they were dancing.”
In a separate incident in the city of Amol, the same media outlet reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards arrested 20 other young men and women were arrested, ostensibly for the same “offense.”

Despite promises from “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani that personal and social freedoms would be expanded, the regime continues his extreme oppression.
To name a few cases, Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, a British-Iranian citizen was arrested and later sentenced to one year in prison for attempting to view a volleyball game in Iran. She is currently being held in the notoriously brutal Evan prison in Teheran.

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