Wednesday, February 25

Obituary : Reverend William G. Kalaidjian former NYPD chaplain dies at 89

A former NYPD chaplain and church pastor has died.
On Friday, January 16, Reverend William G. Kalaidjian passed away at his home in Riverdale, reportedly from natural causes. He was 89 years old.
Kalaidjian, an Armenian-American who was born on December 17, 1925 in Nyack, NY, attended Nyack High School before graduating from Adelphi University and the New York Theological Seminary.
After serving in the Navy during World War 2, Kalaidjian became the pastor the Congregational Church of Bedford Park in 1953, where he served for 42 years until 1996.
However, Kalaidjian is probably most remembered for being the NYPD chaplain, a position that he also held for 42 years, from 1957 to 1998, after he was a police officer in Nyack.
Throughout his tenure, Kalaidjian was responsible for spiritual well being of the police department and its police officers.
Kalaidjian was greatly involved in other organizations as well. He was a founding member and the executive director of the New York State Shields, president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, a chaplain for the Bronx Veterans Hospital and a volunteer chaplain for the Veterans Administration. He was also the president of the Bronx Rotary Club from 1987 to 1988, an organization that he was a member of for over 50 years.

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