Tuesday, February 24

Obituary : Rev. Darryl Edwards Screams 'God, I Need Your Help' Then Drops Dead While Preaching at Funeral of Church Member

A beloved pastor in Texas dropped dead before some 200 people including his own sister while preaching at the funeral of a church member last Friday, after ironically warning them of the need to be "ready for death."

Sheila Edwards, sister of the-late Rev. Darryl Edwards, 55, of the Fannin Street United Methodist Church in Goliad, Texas, told the Victoria Advocate that her brother was exhorting on the need to be "ready for death" at the 10 a.m. funeral service for his parishioner, Sally Bland, on Friday, when it took him suddenly.

"He was talking about how you need to be ready for death because you never know the day or hour," she said of her brother's sermon. "And about then, it happened."

She explained that as he preached about sudden death, Edwards clutched the microphone he was using in one hand and reached for the sky with the other and screamed, "God, I need your help," and collapsed.

She was also sitting right behind her brother as he spoke, so Sheila was forced to watch him die up close.

"There was an emergency room doctor in the crowd who came forward, and he was able to detect a faint pulse," she said. "I looked in my brother's eyes, though, and I didn't see any movement. I just told myself to breathe and trust."

Some 40 minutes later the beloved preacher was pronounced dead at DeTar Hospital Navarro where he was transported by ambulance.

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