Wednesday, February 18

Obituary : Anglican Bishop Fr. Constantine Kaswaya dies at 65

Death has been announced of former Public Affairs (PAC) Chairperson and Anglican Bishop Fr. Constantine Kaswaya who has died due to asthma at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre.

The late Kaswaya who has died at 65 served as PAC chair for two terms and also acted as Bishop of Anglican Diocese for Southern Malawi.

According to Bishop Alinafe Kalanda, the late Kaswaya had been fighting asthma at QECH until his death.

Further details of the burial are yet to be announced.

He was Ordained as a priest in 1979

Kaswaya has served a lot of posts in the church and was also its vicar general.

Among other notable things, Kaswaya led leaders of all religious groups in Malawi, under their umbrella organisation - the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) during President Bakili Muluzi era at his official residence in Blantyre to express their concern over an unprecedented rise in state-sponsored political violence in the country.


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