Monday, February 2

Legal Accreditation : You Can't Ban University Grads From Practicing Law Over Opposition to Homosexuality Isn't Legal, Rules Canadian Court

Christian Post report- A Canadian province’s highest court has ruled that a Christian academic institute’s lawyers can’t be banned from practicing law due to the university’s views on homosexuality.
The Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Trinity Western University students could join the bar, overruling a decision last year by the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society.
Justice Jamie S. Campbell, author of the opinion, concluded that the society’s “resolution and regulation infringe on the freedom of religion of TWU and its students in a way that cannot be justified.”
“For many people in a secular society religious freedom is worse than inconsequential. It actually gets in the way. It’s the dead hand of the superstitious past reaching out to restrain more important secular values like equality from becoming real equality,” wrote Campbell.
“The discomforting truth is that religions with views that many Canadians find incomprehensible or offensive abound in a liberal and multicultural society. The law protects them and must carve out a place not only where they can exist but flourish.”


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