Saturday, January 31

Bible Survives Fire after Muslim Mob Torches Christian Home, Churches in Charlie Hebdo Protest

"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever"--Isaiah 40:8 A Bible miraculously survived a fire set to a Christian family's home by a Muslim mob in the West African nation of Niger, motivating the believers to exhibit Christ-like forgiveness to their persecutors.

Todd Starnes of Fox News reports that in early January, Muslim mobs set fire to at least 45 churches and looted the homes of a number of Christian ministers. Ten people were killed, and dozens of believers were forced to flee for their lives.

The home of Neal Daniels, a prominent leader of a Christian ministry in the majority Muslim area, and his wife, Danette, was among few that remained unscathed. "We immediately started packing a trunk, putting in our valuables, our documents, and we loaded up the car," Neal said, explaining that his family was prepared for the violence.

"There were concerns our family would be Read more:

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