Get Mike Huckabee free DVD , learn how Christmas in America came to be

Friends, the attack on Christmas is heating up, and the liberal media has targeted my DVD called Christmas in America. But I won’t let them stop me.
In fact, I want to give you this DVD for FREE. It uses fun animation to teach kids the fascinating history of our favorite holiday. If you want your kids to receive this wonderful gift, please visit

With this very special free DVD, kids will learn how Christmas in America came to be and how our Founding Fathers created a system of government that would allow every American to worship freely, without restriction. Kids will also meet some of the most influential Americans who helped inspire the spirit of gift giving and goodwill at Christmastime.

If you choose to receive the film, you will just need to cover s&h, and if you order now, you will be set up to receive future great films from Learn Our History about important events in American history as they are released to you at Learn Our History’s regular price for each of its films. Of course, since this is a free offer, there’s no obligation or commitment.

But you’ll love the positive, patriotic and faith based lessons that your children or grandchildren will learn. Learn Our History always guarantees that kids will learn and have fun, or your money back. So there’s no risk. Whether you choose to place an order or not, join me in keeping the spirit of Christmas alive in America in the upcoming Christmas season!

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