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In the final days, Jesus made it clear there would be famines, deception, earthquakes and wars, and that there would be an increase in lawlessness and sorrow of men.

In Daniel 12:4, the angel of the Lord told Daniel that , in the end time, knowledge and wisdom would increase and that people would run to and fro.  Knowledge and wisdom increased in the last 100 years than it did in the last 6000 years before that.

The angel of the Lord that appeared to Daniel also associated the increase in knowledge with increase in sophistication of the means of transportation. As the knowledge and wisdom of how this world runs increases, divine or call it revelation knowledge is also increasing very fast.
With all this taking place, it implies that we must develop a clear understanding of the times and seasons to know what we are supposed to do. 1 Cron 12:32.

The time of crisis and conflicts provides a platform for us the church to demonstrate leadership , people want to know when Jesus is coming back but non of us knows the exact date. All those who has tried in the past to do some permutation to arrive at a specific date has been disgraced. The almighty God is the only one who knows the exact time and date. Jesus himself expect us to be ready at all times instead of engaging in needless pleasure Matthew 24:36-39.

In the days of Noah , there was crisis and violence; just like we have crisis in our world today. Noah , understanding the times and seasons , made preparation before the the flood that destroyed the world at that time. Today we as a church with all this signs need to develop the capacity to hear the Holy Ghost and be obedient to His promptings.

In the days of Lot , just as it’s today, there was unimaginable widespread sexual immorality Luke 17:26-30.
In the end-times , some leaders will abuse their God-given resources and authority. Even though we have leadership characterized by wickedness and greed, we will also have leaders who use their power judiciously Matthew 24: 45-51.

The right and positive dimension of leadership can only come from the church , because God has set up the church with the potentials to produce the best leadership in the world. The church is an extension of the Kingdom of Heaven, just as every embassy is an extension of its home country. The Church is not a building or a victim of the world system. The Church is an extension of a government which is superior to any other government Ephesians 1: 20-23 MSG.

In a time of war and crisis like this, the world need good leadership Matthew 28:18-20. We have the mandate to influence the world government with the values of Christ.  One of the major characteristics of a leader, which is given to us by the Holy Ghost, is vision Acts 2: 1-17; Matthew 15: 14.

The end time is not a period to join the rest of the world in fighting for survival but a time to influence our world on bigger platforms. Character and integrity are qualities which every good leader is equipped with by the Holy Ghost (Psalm 78: 72). The Holy Ghost gives us capacity for love, peace, joy, kindness, generosity and self-control even as things become more difficult (Galatians 5: 22-23; Acts 2: 45). He also gives us the capacity to solve problems at extra-ordinary levels (1Corinthians 12). Therefore, during this season, you need to have a rich relationship with Him (1Corinthians 2:9-10).

Rev Sam Adeyemi is the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre , Lagos Nigeria

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