Bank Teller Fired Over Telling Customers to ‘Have a Blessed Day’

WALTON, Kentucky . –  A christian bank teller in Kentucky, has filed a law suit against her former employer , U.S Bank , claiming that she was fired from the bank for telling managers to “have a blessed day.”

Polly Neace says that she never had any problem using the  phrase for more than two years on the job, but she received Ethics violation notice from her employer , the notice stated that several customers had complained about her attitude of saying “have a blessed day”.

The Ethics violation notice also indicate that Neace would ask customers for their number, to call them about fellowship, and she also would ask customers to find salvation in Christ. The former bank teller denies all this allegation, the woman insist she never heard anyone complain about her Christian phrase . ” I say ‘have a blessed day’ to every customer , all the time.” “I don’t believer there is any better kind of day anyone can have than a blessed day”

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