Word of the day with Joel Osteen – The power of patience

By | June 24, 2014


If you are discouraged and frustrated because you can’t see changes in your finance, or any positive change in the affairs of your life right now , be encouraged.
Just because its taking time or that it didn’t happen yesterday doesn’t mean it can’t happen today or anytime soon.

The bible said in ,Habakkuk 2:3, “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come,…”
Don’t give up yet, and don’t forget patience is a must if faith must work.

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2 thoughts on “Word of the day with Joel Osteen – The power of patience

  1. Anonymous

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    Tina Marie
    Tina Marie Right! I couldn't give a hill of beans whether someone likes me …ignoring the ignorance is something I've have mastered . Life is good
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    Justin Lawton
    Justin Lawton This is so applicable to the gay youth being shunned by their families, and churches for simply being themselves.
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    Shari Lee Ray
    Shari Lee Ray Touch Evelyn Tillack eyes Heavily Father .. Heal what ever this lady is in need and asking for .. Her brother … I lift her prayers up unto you Jesus ..Amen… My eyes I can't see like I used to ..my body & mind are not the same … For God is working…See More
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    Beatrice Anaba

    Beatrice Anaba I always want to please others but all to no avail, I pray God give me the strength to cultivate my circles to noe Who loves me and who dont

    Read more: http://www.everydaydevotional.com/2014/05/joel-osteen-ministries-word-for-today.html#ixzz4cjiNqRNI

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    Anna Kain-Rossi
    Anna Kain-Rossi This is so true. I'm not concerned if other people like me. God is the only person I need to be concerned with "liking" me. Also he is the only one I need to defend myself to. Know one else's opinion of me will have mattered in the end.
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    Colleen Pillay
    Colleen Pillay Well sometimes it's a huge act in our favor…for journeys are of all kinds if everything..as an individual…it gives you more strength to react on solid grounds not only concentrate …but akso to talk to the person of why such attitude lives in them…
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    Becky Lueralopez
    Becky Lueralopez Please pray for me so my kidneys can heal I'm so scared of being put on dialysis there is no life when your on dialysis I will not live too long if I'm put in dialysis because it makes me depress just thinking about it
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    Byron Cephus Hunt
    Byron Cephus Hunt If your circle is turning into a circus, then it's time to haul the ace of ♠️ up outta there, and show your lovereactions from a distance #BetteMidler on the book book #fB. I Luh you so much that we have a perfect platform on social media…See More
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    Diane Putnam Reed
    Diane Putnam Reed Does that include in laws? Mine do not like me, I have tried for 15 years and all I have done is wasted time. I even told my soul mate, best friend husband I would give him a divorce so he can have peace in his family. He said I am his family the day he married me. I'm Blessed. Time to quit wasting time.
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    Sylvia Zibuck
    Sylvia Zibuck The man needs to take responsibility for what has happened. I am sick now because of it, not letting go. Man up and take responsibility!
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    Corrina Ellis Henry
    Corrina Ellis Henry Yes it does; Except when it is your husband, daughter-in-law & son. My following Jesus causes them discomfort. I will say… their opinions WILL NEVER change my Love for the Heavenly Father who has Healed me physically & mentally, Jesus is who I aspire to be like and I lay everything and everyone down for God!
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    Rusver Flores
    Rusver Flores I love this mi wife decide to do drugs in left I have the kids wetme the hurt but sometime you have to let it go BC life keep goin in Jesus allways is there for me in mi kids I pray for her in ask God to protect her werever she is
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    Kwabena Biaden
    Kwabena Biaden Our need your team to remember me in prayers. My stomach ache for almost a month now because of that I often not happy and academically I need doing well.
    I believe one thing" God Almighty, His word and His Faithfulness" thank you Jesus
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    Bendu Venessa Clark short inspirational bible verses

    Bendu Venessa Clark So true I have learn to live with out people who think they are too good or too important to be around. The only person my focus is on is my creator Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My first and last .my all in all.
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    Kelly Kristine
    Kelly Kristine Amen!!! Waited patiently for the most part for my Husband Keith Mapp and 40 years later I'm the happiest girl in the world!!! I cry all the time because I can't believe it's Real! Be patient, use the Law of Attraction and know that God has a plan. An amazing plan!!!! Just believe!!!
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    Susan M Robles
    Susan M Robles Asking for prayers tonight because I'm feeling very alone and sick emotionally. I don't have any friends or family I can turn to and my relationship is in the toilet right now. I don't know what to do or which way to turn. I'm not sure if I should pa…See More
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