Bishop David Oyedepo Quotes

From today, your ordeal with sickness and disease is over in the name of Jesus!
Your story is changing right now!
Make no assumption; take responsibility for every issue that is not working properly in your life.
Between now and next Sunday, you have will strange testimonies!
God’s Word carries healing virtues. 
You are walking free from every sickness in Jesus name!
Your spiritual eyes are declared open!
From today, keep going higher!
Your testimony is not tomorrow, it is now!
I decree your enthronement over all life situations and circumstances!
From this day onward, keep going forward!
This week is declared your week of turnaround!
Whatever is contrary to honour and glory in your life is destroyed right now in Jesus name!
You will never be stranded in life again in Jesus name!
Whatever makes anyone pity you is turned into a testimony in Jesus name!
You will not be cut down in the midst of your days!
This month of June will not pass you by without a definite change of story!
Someone is breaking forth this time!
You will not miss your portion in Jesus mighty name!
By divine favour, things you never asked for will locate you! 
Be completely made whole this moment in Jesus name!
Every hanging aspect of your destiny is delivered today in Jesus name!
No more molestation on your destiny in Jesus name!
In the name of Jesus, every harassment of the enemy on your life comes to an end!
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