Bishop David Oyedepo – Prophetic Declaration for December 2014

As you are reading this, your settlement is taking place now in Jesus name!
The God of heaven will settle your issues today!
This is your week of settlement!
An end has come to every distress in your life!
I pray that today, the love of God will overwhelm and turn your life around!
Your situation will turn like a dream of the night!
Every unsettled area of your life is settled today in Jesus name!
In the name of Jesus, I command every battle to cease in your life!
It is your turn for breakthrough in every area of life!
Any poison you may have taken is nullified now in the name of Jesus!
Your runaway husband, wife and children are returning now!
Go back and re-examine yourself, the doctor will confirm that the affliction is no longer there in Jesus name!
The God of the Midst of the Year Blessings will show up this season to change your story!
You will be an embodiment of strange testimonies!
Someone’s story has changed and no devil can revert it!
Within the next seven weeks, you will become an embodiment of testimonies! 
In this midst of this year, God will sky-rocket your destiny!
Today, what you have never imagined will come your way!
Whatever you’ve desired of the Lord this year, by the mystery of the midst of the year’s blessing, they are delivered to you as a testimony!
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