Pastor Paul Enenche – Things to Note

1. It was God who noticed Adam’s need for a wife, not Adam. (Gen 2:18)
God is more interested in marriage than man. God must be allowed to take His place.
2. God had to put the man to sleep to do a thorough work without interruption.
Concerning the matter of marriage, God must be allowed to do a thorough work.
There are so many people too awake to get anything from God. If you want God to work, you must go to rest.
3. God took a rib from the man and made a woman but he made man out of dust.
Man is raw material and woman is refined material.
Sister, you are refined material, don’t make yourself raw. Don’t struggle to be like a man, don’t be masculine, be feminine. Be a woman so that men can be men.
4. Every man and every woman should be sensitive enough to know the bone of their bones.
Be close enough to God to know. It is the presence of God that fuels sensitivity. Stand firmly in His presence and from there, you will know, see and hear clearly.
5. In order to cleave, you must leave (Gen. 2:24)
There can be no cleaving until there is a leaving. There are many who have married but have not left home.External interference is the enemy of internal coherence. 
Before a home can be built, wisdom is on ground. (Prov. 9:1, 24:3-4).
You cannot build a family, future or home without wisdom.
Wise men and women build their homes while foolish ones tear down (Prov. 14:1)
There are many women but very few wives, many men but few husbands (Prov. 31:10)

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