Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Teachings – Endless Supply

Then shalt thou lay up gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir as the stones of the brooks. Yea, the Almighty shall be thy defence, and thou
shalt have plenty of silver
(Job 22:24-25).

To lay up gold as dust means your supply never ends. When you wipe a surface clean of dust and give some time, it won’t be long before some dust settles back on it. This scripture above lets you know that it’s possible for you to have an unending supply of finances. It may be the beginning of a month, and you’re about to use up your last cash. Don’t start fretting and wondering “Where else can I get money; I only have one source—my monthly salary.” Don’t talk
like that. That’s the world’s way of talking; that’s the way the world’s system operates. Your job or business is not your source of income; God is your eternal
source of everything!
Here’s what you should do instead: declare, I lay up gold as dust, in the Name of Jesus! That’s being supply-conscious. Never make statements like,“Things are tight. I have to manage. If I give or spend so much, I won’t have anything left.” Those who talk that way inadvertently bring themselves to a position of
disadvantage, because of their confessions of lack.
Learn what the Word says about God’s financial plan for His children: about tithes and offerings, sowing
and reaping, giving and receiving. Practise them and see God’s blessings multiply in your life.
God wants you to live at that higher level of spiritual consciousness where your spiritual eyes are
open to see that the whole world belongs to you. As you consciously develop yourself in His Word, you’ll

realize He’s already given you everything that pertains to life and godliness. Lay claims to your possessions by walking in the light of God’s Word.

Walk in the practical consciousness of what the Word says about your Kingdom rights, privileges, and possessions in Christ Jesus. Declare: The Lord is my shepherd; therefore, I refuse to lack. Doors of
opportunity are open unto me. I’m blessed, and all my needs are abundantly supplied according to God’s riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Halleluiah.
I’m walking in the light of my prosperity today, for I’m the seed of Abraham; I have access to wealth untold, therefore I’m supply conscious! Lack and want
are not a part of my life because I’m plugged to God’s unending supply, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


2 Corinthians 9:8(Amp)
And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient[possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation].

Philippians 4:19(Amp)
And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

1 Year Bible Reading Plan
Luke 15:11-32
Ruth 1-4

2 Year Bible Reading Plan
Romans 11:13-24
Psalm 119:105-128

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