Mensa Otabil Teachings – The Grave is Empty

Today we remember the resurrection of Christ. Jesus who died, now glorified! What does it all mean to you? Share a message of hope with us today. May the Resurrected Christ Reign in your life in the coming week. Blessings!

RIDE ON WITH JESUS. When fears arise, RIDE ON. When enemies conspire, RIDE ON. When friends betray, RIDE ON. Blessed is he who comes in the name of The Lord! Your going out is blessed. Your coming in is blessed. 

Don’t be depressed by the betrayal of a ‘Judas’. For a moment they will seem to gain. Relax, it is only for a moment. In the end God will turn their betrayal in your resurrection! In the end, YOU WILL WIN!!!

YOU ARE HERE! You were pushed but you did not fall. You were abandoned but you did not quit. They gave up on you but The Lord uplifted you. You were not expected to make it but YOU ARE HERE!

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