Charles Capps Death , Tribute by Creflo Dollar

What a blessing Charles Capps was to the Body of Christ—one of God’s world-renowned generals with keen insight and a gift for teaching the Word of faith.
I’ll never forget the time when Charles was in my office at our church. I had a sign on my desk that read, “God Is in Control.” Charles said, “Brother Dollar, that’s not necessarily true. If God is in control, then He’d be in control of all the bad things that happen on earth.
No. God has given you and me dominion on this earth. God gave man a 6,000-year lease to use his authority to bind and loose things on this earth.
Certain things happen because man expects God to do something, when, instead, he should be executing his God-given authority.” I’ll always be eternally grateful to God for allowing this great man of faith to impart his knowledge, wisdom, and insight on the biblical principles of faith into my life.
Charles, you will be missed! I eagerly look forward to the time when I will see you again!

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