PROPHETIC DECLARATION FOR THIS WEEK!.You will never be stranded again in your life in the name of Jesus!
God of all possibilities will visit you uniquely this year! Your breakthrough will attract multitude to Christ! The oil on your head will never run dry in Jesus’ name! Anywhere you step, things will open up.
Every fighting noise ceases from your home, only joyful noise will be heard in Jesus name. Receive the breakthrough anointing over your life. It shall be said of you this year, what manner of man/woman is this by the wonders God will do through you in the name of Jesus! You are returning with three striking testimonies on Sunday! No jobless person will end this month jobless, God will position you for favor! That breakthrough anointing is released over your life! No force in hell will draw you from following Jesus Christ. You will get to strange positions this year! Everyone’s hidden star must shine this year in the mighty name of Jesus! By the anointing, I decree your access to the deep things of God! Every poison, hereditary diseases are flushed out of your life Christ! Go in peace, return with manifold testimonies! You will come out of obscurity into limelight in the name of Jesus! Visit the online store at

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