Spiritual Warfare: Why nothing works for you and your family members

By Evangelist John Okoronkwo .

In some families no body prosper without soiling  their hands with evil , in some families nothing works for anybody. Look at your family history and be sincere to your self , if the above statement applies to your family then you have war in your hand , and as a born again christian if you don't deal with this you end up like everybody else.

1. Understand that satan holds people or families hostage through demonic altars ( native doctors altars) in most cases

2. The devil does this also  by using men to rear a demonic sacrifice against a person or family lineage.

3. Through domic utterances such as word or call it spell invoked on a family or an individual.

4. Through generational agreement or contract made with the devil in most cases by your ancestors.

Your way out.

1. Understand the meaning of redemption and what it mean to you as a born again christian Colossians 1:13.

2. Invoke the blood of Jesus against this forces consistently by saying " I and my families are discharged and acquitted from all spell, enchantments and from every family covenant  by the blood of Jesus " Rev 12:11.

3. Posses a fighters spirit , go against every spirit of weariness and weaknesses using the name of Jesus. , overcome the spirit of distraction using the instrument of the name of Jesus so you can focus on your everyday spiritual assignments. Isaiah 42:1-4.

5. Live by the Word of God , your spiritman is your defence against demonic forces  , inside your spiritman is the light that overcomes every powers of darkness. You must study the word constantly and listen to men and women of God who has deep knowledge and experience in spiritual warfare to know the spiritual protocols and spiritual rules of engagement.  John 1: 1-5 , Psalm 119:130, Luke 4:4.

From my little experience I can tell you that no christian can overcome or advance in life without being an addict of the word, and this little instructions is born out that lifestyle of living in his word as a way of life.

The choice is yours , if you succeed and become a success in life blame it on yourself ; but if you fail and become a failure in life blame it also on yourself.


Md. church vandalized with message 'Trump Nation, Whites Only'

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - A church in Silver Spring, Maryland was vandalized with racist statements in support of President-elect Donald Trump Saturday night.

According to church officials, the phrase "Trump Nation, Whites Only" was written at the Episcopal Church of Our Savior at 1700 Powder Mill Road on a sign advertising the church's Hispanic service, and on a wall in the church's memorial garden that serves as a cemetery.

"I guess none of us realized where we were living," says Margaret Gordon, a member of the church's vestry.

According to rector Robert Harvey, about 80 percent of the church's members are immigrants; there are people from more than 50 countries in his congregation.

"They're afraid," says Harvey, who added that this was not the first incident of racism in the community this week.

Harvey says on Thursday he confronted two white men who were harassing and yelling racial slurs at a Latina woman at a Value Village across the street from the church.

"We believe we have work to do to help bring peace and reconciliation," says Harvey.

"This is a different reality for us," says Gordon. "So, maybe it's a good place to start where we can pray for people like that."

On Sunday, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington released the following statement:

"Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:
Last night at Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, Hillandale in Silver Spring, Maryland, both a sign advertising the Spanish-language Mass and the wall of the parish's memorial garden were vandalized with the words, "Trump Nation. Whites Only." I am heartsick, and can only imagine how the people of Our Saviour, one of the most culturally diverse parishes in the diocese, feel.
I will be with Our Saviour's Spanish-language congregation for Mass at 1 pm, and I invite as many of you as are able to join me there. In your services this morning, I hope that you can include prayers for the people of Our Saviour and let your congregations know of the invitation to gather with them in solidarity at 1 pm today.



Tomb of Jesus opened for the first time in centuries

Researchers have uncovered the original surface of what is traditionally considered the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The tomb's surface had been covered by a thick layer of marble, according to an exclusive by National Geographic. This has now been removed to reveal the tomb for the first time since at least 1555 CE, and possibly much earlier.
The shrine that houses the traditional burial place of Jesus Christ is undergoing restoration inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

"The marble covering of the tomb has been pulled back, and we were surprised by the amount of fill material beneath it," said Fredrik Hiebert, archaeologist-in-residence at the National Geographic Society working at the site. "It will be a long scientific analysis, but we will finally be able to see the original rock surface on which, according to tradition, the body of Christ was laid."

The shelf on which the body of Christ is said to have rested after his crucifixion is now protected by a structure called an Edicule. This covering is being restored by a team of scientists directed by Antonia Moropoulou of the National Technical University of Athens, a specialist in building materials and the preservation of monuments.
Workers begin removing the worn marble that has encased the original burial shelf for centuries, exposing a layer of fill material below.

"We are at the critical moment for rehabilitating the Edicule," Moropoulou said. "The techniques we're using to document this unique monument will enable the world to study our findings as if they themselves were in the tomb of Christ."

Jesus tomb

Access to the tomb may also help researchers learn about what prompted Helena, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine, to identify the site as Christ's tomb.

The restoration of the tomb is due to be completed in the spring of 2017. The total costs of the project will run to more than $4 million (£3.3m). Donations to fund the restoration include a multi-million-dollar sum from King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Six Christian sects have custody over the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the restorations required the consent of all of them before going ahead. They include the Greek Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Armenian Orthodox Church.

Source : IBTIMES



You don't know nothing about righteousness until you know something about the recreated humam spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) What people call righteousness is not what God call righteousness. You are born righteous, its in your dna ; that's what you received when you accepted jesus into your life 1 John 5:13.
Everything to make you Godly or righteous is already in you , your recreated human spirit. 
2 Peter 2:3 .
To many people everything is sin and any body who is not a church busy body like them is a sinner; because they don't understand this .
Righteousness is not how you dress , if you like wear a ring in your toe it doesn't matter to God , its not based on what you eat or the church you belong to, righteousness is not based on how many hours you sacrifice to work for God.
Pastors don't spend hours teaching on the consequences of sin , this people are no longer sinners but born again recreated spirits , this people have the nature of God, a nature that loves to do God's work, God's will and to please God.
Let the people know its a risk to be word empty , that their recreated human spirit feeds on the word of God . When that born again spiritman in man comes alive you see men walking in righteousness. This very life of God in men can dominate sin.
Build or develop your recreated human spirit with the word to overcome the desires of the flesh and you see yourself working , reasoning and thinking like God.
Develop your spiritman with the word and live the very life of God in you. GOD KIND OF LIFE , GOD CLASS OF LIFE. Ezekiel 36:27


Pastor Terry Wayne Millender and Wife Charged with Defrauding Members of $1.2 million

 - An Alexandria pastor and his wife were arrested on Sunday for their alleged involvement in a $1.2 million fraud scheme that victimized members of their congregation.
Terry Wayne Millender, 52, the senior pastor of Victorious Life Church in Alexandria, along with his wife Brenda Millender, 56, both of Alexandria, and Grenetta Wells, 55, also of Alexandria and affiliated with the church, were indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy.
The charges were released Monday after Wells was arrested, according to a press release. Terry, Brenda and Grenetta operated a company called Micro-Enterprise Management Group, a Virginia company that alleged to help poor people in developing countries by providing small, short-term loans to start or expand existing businesses by working with a network of established micro-finance institutions, according to a press release.
Terry and Brenda were founding members of MEMG, and Wells served as chief operating officer. They recruited investors by emphasizing its Christian mission and use of the funds to help the poor, promising guaranteed rates of return, assuring investors that the loans’ principal was safe and backed by the assets of MEMG, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. The indictment claims some investors gave the Millenders sums totaling $40,000, $50,000, $84,000 and $400,000.
The representations were allegedly false and fraudulent. The money was allegedly used by the defendants to conduct risky trading on the foreign exchange currency market, options trading, payments toward the purchase of a $1.75 million residence for Terry and Brenda, and other personal expenses for the defendants, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office.
The U.S. Attorney's Office said, in an effort to conceal how they had actually used the money, the defendants allegedly assured investors that they would get their money back and blamed delays in repaying investors on the 2008 financial crisis.
Outside the courthouse on Monday the pastor’s attorney said, “There was a prior investigation that went inactive as far as I was concerned or understood about a year and a half ago. And this indictment was just issued and the case is back on the government's radar.” He continued to say, “I think that some people were motivated to get in touch with law enforcement, probably members had made some investments and wondered where they had gone.”
Terri Millender was held without bond until a hearing on Wednesday, along with Grenetta Wells, who according to the indictment, had previously been sentenced and convicted for defrauding investors in a $1,000,000 Ponzi scheme.
Victorious Life Church would meet for services on Sundays at West Potomac High School. 

How to Grow Your Money by Robert Kiyosaki

I Have Never Met A *RICH Person* Who Has Never *lost Money* But I Have Met A Lot Of *POOR People* Who Has Never *Lost A Dime* -Robert Kiyosaki

The *Primary Difference* Between The *RICH* & The *POOR* Is How They *Handle FEAR* in Investment -Robert Kiyosaki-

Have Positive mindset about investment. You can *NEVER* be Rich if you are too *SCARED* of losing Money

*SALARY* alone can not solve your money problems. You need a Secondary Source of income to balance

*SALARY* is the *MEDICINE* for managing *POVERTY*, it doesn't *CURE* it. Only your *BUSINESS* or *INVESTMENT* Cures Poverty

Be FINANCIALLY Intelligent.


Scented Candles Cancer : 7 Candles That Won’t Give You Cancer or Make Your Kids Sick

making candles with paraffin wax 
Candles make everything special – unless their wicks are made from lead and the candle itself is full of chemicals that could cause cancer. Sound too dramatic? It’s not. Candles with lead-core wicks release five times the amount of lead considered to be dangerous for children (see note at end about lead-core wicks). 
Read Full Strory 

Since they say "lead wick" candles emit carcinogens and others also have carcinogens released from the scent chemicals they use, this article is helpful on what to do.....especially the lead wicks around children, they say if you have these, throw them away now.....yes.....even those expensive Gold Canyon, Yankee Candles...etc. This article tells how to tell which ones to toss and why......stay away from cheap dollar store candles they say, lead core wicks were banned in 2003...but cheaper stores may still have them....and don't buy candles containing paraffin why...

Medical benefits of waxed dental floss unproven

best dental floss for tight teeth 
HOLMDEL, N.J. (AP) — It's one of the most universal recommendations in all of public health: Floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities.
Except there's little proof that flossing works.
Still, the federal government, dental organizations and manufacturers of floss have pushed the practice for decades. Dentists provide samples to their patients; the American Dental Association insists on its website that, "Flossing is an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums."
The Associated Press actually paid writer Jeff Donn to do this story? Oooooo, it might not be necessary to floss your teeth! Floss manufacturers might be creating and funding studies to sell more floss! What motivated this guy? He tried it once and still got gum disease.

I started flossing a long time ago when my army buddy with awesome looking teeth told me what he does. I haven't had dental problems. I'm about to start coconut oil pulling too. My teeth aren't beautiful, but they arehealthy. "Floss the teeth you want to keep." --a dentist I met in the hospital


cd47 cancer Cure : Antibodies could combat atherosclerosis as well as tumor

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found that a protein, known as CD47, has a role in enabling atherosclerosis, the process underlying heart attacks and strokes.
CD47 on the surface of many cells, including those of tumor cells in the human body, gives a so-called "don't eat me" signal to immune cells known as macrophages, indicating that a cell is alive, still going strong and part of a person's healthy tissue.
Read Full Story 
The increasing knowledge that scientists are gaining about the basics of our biology are allowing them to gain the upper hand in the war against cancer.  is the most deadly of skin cancers because it metastasizes so well. 

Scientists have discovered the mechanism that allows it to do so and to put a stop to it. When the immune system attacks melanoma, it evades being destroyed because it has a surface protein CD47 which tells the immune cells not to eat the cancer cells. By blocking CD47 and another protein, CD271, scientists have stopped melanoma from metastasizing.

The Neijing Eastern Medicine : Traditional Chinese Cedicine Diet for Healing

SEATTLE, WASH. - A new program allows some Seattle doctors to prescribe fresh fruits and vegetables to their patients. It's called the Fresh Bucks Rx program and allows doctors to give up to $40 a week to patients who shop at select farmers markets. Read More 
fruit and vegetable prescription program 

"Prevention is the ultimate principal of wisdom. To cure a disease after it has manifest, is like digging a well when one feels thirsty or forging weapons after the war has begun!"

~4th century BC ...The Neijing, Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon, is an ancient Chinese medical text that has been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine for more than two millennia.

Signs and symptoms of lyme disease and lyme disease cure

what causes lyme disease in humans
Lyme disease is such a controversial topic in this country. Sadly, mainstream medicine
trusts their PCR or western blot tests more than patient complaints so once the routine tests come back negative, Lyme disease is brushed off. The CORRUPTION herein lies in the fact that the Infectious Disease Society of America quotes the papers that they are authors of, as treatment guidelines for this disease. They write the research papers that they then quote as GOLD standard treatment for Lyme! 😤.
Lyme is a fat soluble infection that may reside in fatty tissues like the liver & gallbladder. Because it hides in the fat & in biofilms rather than in blood,testing for Lyme results in negative findings no matter what test is used.
Symptoms of Lyme are vague & can result in chronic fatigue, rashes, joint pain, flu like symptoms, weakness, headaches & fever.
With this disease (caused by the elusive spirochete) being so difficult to diagnose & then treat, what can you do? Look into the PK protocol. Along with a low carb, high fat (ketogenic, high omega 6 fatty acids) diet, the PK protocol has restored many patients back to health.
Lyme affects our cell membranes, destabilizing & incapacitating entire cells. The ‪#‎PKprotocol‬ is a biofilm buster (where the Lyme hides) & also adds back the critical phospholipid membrane, stabilizing the cell while permitting it to reabsorb all the nutrients it's been missing out on!
Dr Patricia Kane created this protocol & also recommends a shot of Leucovorin, folinic acid (a B vitamin), as well as the master antioxidant, glutathione-all which support detoxing, often caused by a defect in methylation. (MTHFR), toxins, pesticides, or infections. The main ingredient is also made by methylation and it is the most important component of the PK protocol. It is phosphatidylcholine-this is what stabilizes the toxic cell membrane.
I have witnessed many Lyme patients improve drastically with the PK protocol. It also works for ALS, Motor Neuron Disease, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Cancer, Epilepsy, mold & chemical toxicity, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, & many others. 

Obituary : Dave Schwartz: Meteorologist for The Weather Channel Dies

Dave Schwartz: Meteorologist for The Weather Channel Dies After Battle With Cancer, Network Says
Schwartz died Saturday after a 10-year fight with cancer, The Weather Channel said in a release. Schwartz worked for the network as an on-air meteorologist for more than 22 years.

This is what people are saying about him.

This breaks my heart. i grew up watching the weather channel and he was a good one. i am so glad he got to live out his dream for the 20 years that he was given at the station. so here's to you dave schwartz. you made an impact on my childhood, as do the other correspondents at the weather channel. may you rest easy.

Dave Schwartz R.I.P. from the people of The Weather Channel a greate guy and a greate person of the Weather Channel Team please share people he keeped all of us safe 

Life is just too fragile! The many years i've heard Dave Schwartz always starting every forecast with "my friend", and a tagline I sometimes say whenever I see people, because I treat them like friends, and that was what he was treating his viewers well until his cancer got worse.
He was one of my favorite meteorologists on The Weather Channel, I watched TWC a lot during my 4 years living back east.
May Dave Rest in Peace.
omg how sad is it that Dave Schwartz of the weather channel has passed away. H e made the expression [[my friends]] popular. I've watched him for many years so R.I.P.Dave Schwartz your weather forcast report will be missed.
As a kid growing up watching The Weather Channel when it was The Weather Channel, I remember Dave. He was the big burley guy with that great baritone voice that was meant to be on tv. He always had a good sense of humor when it came to being on air and I believe it was that and his personality that made him one of the greats in the field. Sadly though, all things must come to an end. The voice I grew up listening to when I tuned in has been retired. Not once did he ever give up the fight and kept on pushing the envelope to the end.
My prayers go out to his family, co-workers, and all whom knew him well. He was a great guy to have heard on TV and I am glad I had the chance to have known him through what he did.
Catch that big cloud there Dave... and we shall see each other soon. RIP
So sad to lose someone that has become a friend to us. The Weather Channels' Dave Schwartz lost his battle with cancer and we would like to extend our deepest sympathy to his family. We will miss you Dave. May you experience fair winds and following seas on your cosmic journey into eternity
Damn. This was my favorite meteorologist from the Weather Channel. I used to come home in the early morning after work and watch this dude. You could tell he loved weather. He really got off on any tornado video. It's too bad cancer claimed him.

I grew up wanting to be a meteorologist and I watched the Weather Channel literally all day every day when I was younger. You can ask my family how into it I was. I still would love to pursue the career. Between this guy here and Mike Seidel, they were why I watched weather forecasts or storm stories whenever I could. This makes me sad to know Dave Schwartz passed away
Yes I remember the days when Weather Channel first came on cable he going dearly missed he was one of my favorite meteorology weatherman I like when him and Vivian Brown what do the weather together rest in peace Dave
Jim Cantore is fine for weather drama and such, I guess. But If I was flipping through channels and saw Dave Schwartz on the Weather Channel...I would always stop and watch, just to enjoy the rhythm and the pacing and the ad libs. RIP.
I've always loved meteorology and have often thought that my true calling was to become a weatherman. I would have patterned my style after Dave's. He was the best in the business and he will be sorely missed. RIP
Him and John hope were my two favorite weatherman growing up watching in the 90s and 2000s. Very knowledgeable, straight to the point, no hype, just reported the weather how it was suppose to be. Beat cancer twice but just found out the news that he lost his third battle to cancer. RIP Dave , the weather channel will miss you
Just sad to see him losing his battle with cancer yesturday, here is a look back at what he did as an on air Weather Channel Meteorologist. I will definitely miss Dave Schwartz at the weather channel but he will not be forgotten...
His tenacity and talent informed and inspired all of us who love weather and television. He went back to work last week. That seemed to be a statement of his loyalty and devotion to weather and all of us. R.I.P Dave Schwartz and thank you!
Brave. Inspirational, silly and kind. Looked forward to his silly antics, plus you could tell how much he really enjoyed his job. RIP Dave Schwartz! My sympathy to his wife and family!
So many posts this morning by meteorologists who were inspired by The Weather Channel's Dave Schwartz, and certainly by those who worked with him directly -- all attesting to what a fine, fun parson he was, as well as a dedicated professional. A great tribute to him.
His charisma that telegraphed through your screen was also present in the studio. What made him my favorite colleague was his encouragement and sense of egalitarianism--no matter one's age or experience level.
This is sad ... I just found out that he passed away from cancer yesterday. I watched Dave Schwartz a lot on The Weather Channel when I was in college and when I got home after an evening shift at work during my first couple of years at WRI. He always addressed his viewers as "my friend" and was entertaining as well as informative. Thought I'd post this to at least bring a smile or two and make the most of a sad occasion
I didn't hear the announcement a year earlier on air but I knew Dave was not well. May he rest in peace with a heavens eye view of the weather. God Bless him and his family and the weather channel family, he will be missed.
I remember him fondly. His demeanor was bubbly and he was an excellent onn-the-air meteorologist. He didn't talk as loud or as fast as the other meteorologists but easy to understand. He was one of my favorites. This is a shock to me. Rest in Peace, Dave. You will be sorely missed.


Obituary : Marni Nixon: Hollywood's 'invisible voice' dies aged 86

The singer appeared, uncredited, on many of the biggest movie musicals of all time - dubbing the voices for Deborah Kerr in The King and I, and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.
She also sang the high notes for Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend; and "ghosted" Natalie Wood's vocals on West Side Story.

Read Full Story :

R.I.P. Marni Nixon. 1930 - 2016. You had the golden voice of an angel.

Read What People are saying.

If you were a Northwest kid in the 1970s and 80s, you can probably still recite the Boomerang theme song.

Marni Nixon, the host of that show who died at age 86, was a voice double for Natalie Wood in "West Side Story" and Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady."

RIP Marni Nixon. Such a great Soprano voice and a great musical talent not often seen. In addition to dubbing countless soundtracks she was also the voice of Deborah Kerr, Natalie Wood, and Audrey Hepburn.
I recall from about 25 years ago, while doing a production I was in, one of the other cast members told a story of how he was in a Symphony Choir and their lead became suddenly ill and the director called Marni Nixon, who flew in the same afternoon, did 1 touch & go rehearsal with the conductor (sightreading) of the rough spots, and then gave the entire performance a couple of hours later without a single mistake, sightreading.
Such a great musical talent does not come along often!
If you love music, as I do, then you owe it to yourself to get your hands on some of her work. When I think of the definition of "musician" she definitely comes to mind!
So sad she is no longer with us. RIP and thank you. You will be sorely missed!

RIP Marni Nixon - her singing voice was famous in '50s and '60's, but many didn't know it was hers. Most famous for being the singing voice of Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady), Natalie Wood (West Side Story) and Deborah Kerr (King & I)

If you loved the way Natalie Wood sang "I Feel Pretty" in "West Side Story"; if you've always been charmed by Deborah Kerr's rendition of "Getting to Know You" in "The King and I"; if you swooned when you first heard Audrey Hepburn sing "I Could Have Danced All Night" in "My Fair Lady"--you may be a fan of the singer Marni Nixon and not even know it. For it was Ms. Nixon, who died Sunday at the age of 86, who provided the singing voice for all three roles, among many others, in a long and largely uncredited career as Hollywood's favorite "ghost singer."
An accomplished musician who often gave recitals and recorded under her own name, Ms. Nixon stopped ghosting the singing voices of non-singing actors decades ago. A few years back, I was lucky enough to see her play Mrs. Higgins, Henry's mother, in a touring version of "My Fair Lady" that played the Ahmanson in Los Angeles--though the irony didn't occur to me until just now that the woman who so memorably voiced Eliza Doolittle in the 1964 movie had somehow landed the only non-singing role in the show!

despite appearing on more than 50 soundtracks, she only sang on screen once - as Sister Sophia, one of the nuns performing How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria? in The Sound Of Music.

The singer appeared, uncredited, on many of the biggest movie musicals of all time - dubbing the voices for Deborah Kerr in The King and I, and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. She also sang the high notes for Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend; and "ghosted" Natalie Wood's vocals on West Side Story.

So sad to lose such an extraordinary talent. She could, and did, sing it all--Schönberg, Stravinsky, Ives, Copland, Gershwin, Kern and on and on, not to mention all the Hollywood stars she gave voice to.

The late Marni Nixon's voice again. She was the 'go to' singer for Actresses whose singing talents left something to be desired in some of the most wonderful film versions of musicals.

I always knew Audrey Hepburn was dubbed in My Fair Lady but I never knew Marni was the voice of Maria in West Side Story (Natalie Wood dubbed😱), Anna in the King and I (Deborah Kerr dubbed 😱😱) and...sorry folks but those lovely, breathy high notes floating from Marilyn Munroes chest....also dubbed! 😱😱😱

I met Marni Nixon in 1998 through my work at Michigan Opera Theatre. I was honored to work with her after our annual opera ball, on a series of vocal masterclasses at major universities in Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. After I relocated to Los Angeles, we maintained our friendship and I was honored once again, to be asked by Marni to help write her memoirs/autobiography. She was an extremely gifted, talented performer, teacher, a good friend and a good person. Always generous of spirit and wisdom. I will miss you, my friend.....RIP.

I remember hearing Marnie Nixon doing a radio interview, many years ago, and being surprised at what she did and how well she did it. Believe she lived on Mercer Island, near Seattle, at the time...

“In the case of Audrey Hepburn, she was very smart and could say, ‘I know this is not good enough, I want to keep trying myself,’ but she had to accept that it wasn’t quite what it should be,” Nixon told The Washington Post. “But I don’t think that Natalie Wood’s ego could take that. Frankly, I think they used to create that kind of attitude too much—allowing them to have the illusion when they knew all along that she wasn’t good enough.”

She sang for Deborah Kerr, Natalie Wood, and Audrey Hepburn; as in did the singing in their famous musicals! Known as the "Ghost Voice".
RIP Marni.

Rest in peace, Marni Nixon, who dubbed for Deborah Kerr in this fun song (passed away July 24 but I missed the news). She was the voice of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady and for other actresses like Natalie Wood and Sophia Loren. As Sister Sophia in The Sound of Music, we had the joy of seeing her face besides hearing her lovely voice!

I remember in the 60s we actually couldn't believe that Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn had such fantastic voices. There was a good reason for that they couldn't sing if their lives depended on it. The disgusting thing is you won't see this lady's name mentioned on the credits of any of these films or on the sound recordings. RIP Marni x

You may not know her face or name, but her voice was part of your childhood. ❤️ I always felt sad that she was so invisible behind the scenes in the lip-sync era of classic Hollywood musicals, but true fans all knew who she was and appreciated her talent.
RIP Marni Nixon


California state legislature wants to force Christian Universities  to conform to secular standards.

The anti-Christian movement in America is relentless. Now the California state legislature wants to force Christian Universities like Biola University to conform to secular standards. Under this new legislation, faith-based institutions other than seminaries would:

• No longer be able to require a profession of faith from their students
• Not be able to require Biblical courses or offer pastoral care
• Not be able to integrate faith into the teaching curriculum
• Not be able to require students to attend chapel
• Not be able to lead faith-based community service programs for their athletic programs
• Be forced follow the state’s bathroom laws, allowing students to use the restroom of their gender identity rather than biological sex
• Be required to allow clubs to operate on campus that do not align with biblical teaching and tenets of the faith (such as LGBT)

Isn’t this unbelievable? In effect, we would no longer have Christian universities in this state—and unfortunately this secularism is like an evil plague that spreads. Everything bearing the Name of God or His Son Jesus Christ is being targeted today. These legislators are in public office because the people voted for them. We as Christians can change that. That's why it is so important that we pray and know who we're voting for and what they stand for. Share this if you agree.

D.L Moody Quotes : The man with no strenght

Joy follows the discomfort of risk.

So why do we refuse to risk?

When we insist on ease, when we demand that God’s plan for our life be comfortable, when we want reward and satisfaction without the difficulty of the unknown, we lose more than we imagined.

We lose our very life because killing our dreams kills our hearts.

The greatest saints of the Bible didn’t experience reward without discomfort or callings without chaos. Moses was mocked and scorned by those he wanted to rescue; Joseph was abused and ridiculed by his brothers, and every one of the disciples was persecuted for their faith. Even Christ was crucified.

Should we expect success without discomfort?

Pastor George Pearsons Quotes: Money vs Vision

"Money is no object where vision is in place. God is right on time! I see visual. I am a visionary! 50,000 seat auditorium.I see a Prosperity Center with multiple voices going out.

We started with Believers Voice of Victory. MORE needs to go out! I see a Bible school on campus. Citation 10 Plus! The Lord has stirred that back up. He said to press that back in.

Looking at international aircraft that can take TEAMS. The prophet put a challenge out to believe God for the budget for the year long assignments and vision we have.

I am not carrying this by myself. I want a team with faith agreement and NOTHING is impossible! Time is passed where we do one project at a time.

I believe multiple concurrent projects can take place. I believe it can be done. Are you ready to take the vision?! I am. I have my faith back in gear." 
-- Pastor George Pearsons


Volcano Prophecy: End of Days Yellowstone Volcano Prophesied in Zechariah

Experts are concerned that recent signs of increased seismic activity in Yellowstone National Park could be the prelude to a massive eruption that, even by conservative estimates, would have global implications, including nationwide food shortages. A Jerusalem Kabbalist explains how this was prophesied in the Bible to be a painful but necessary part of the Messianic process.

“The entire world will see earthquakes and eruptions in the end of days.”

Read More: End of Days Yellowstone Volcano Prophesied in Zechariah

John Hagee 2016 Quotes - ‎Daily Devotion‬

What are you enduring today? Christ endured the Cross. He endured temptation to call 10,000 angels to rescue Him from the worst kind of torture any human could possibly imagine. That is how great His love is for you. No matter your challenge, stay focused on the Cross. It will be the moral compass that will guide and provide, leading you down the narrow path to life everlasting.

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Joshua Garza , 6-year-old boy asks to pray with St. Pete police officers

POWER OF PRAYER- Six-year-old Joshua Garza took a moment after having breakfast with his mom to say 'thank you' to three officers by saying a prayer with them. Joshua's mother says, "He's a big prayer warrior"!

Write "Amen" if you believe in the power of prayer no matter what your age! Do you have a prayer request? Let us pray with you!

A little boy in St. Petersburg took a moment after having breakfast with mom to stop and say a prayer with St. Petersburg police officers.

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Dr. Michio Kaku, Scientist Finds Proof 'God' Created the Universe

Highly regarded theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has created a stir in the scientific community by saying he believes there is evidence that the universe was created by a higher intelligence and not by accident.

Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and co-founder of the highly regarded String Field Theory, has created a stir in the scientific community.

World-Renowned Scientist Finds Proof 'God' Created the Universe



James MacDonald , Jack Graham and Greg Laurie Met with Donald Trump in New York.

Met with Donald J. Trump today, along with several of my favorite Christian leaders, including Jack Graham and Greg Laurie. Loved the way the gospel and concerns of Christ followers were spoken to him and how he listened. ‪#‎thanksfortheprayers‬‪#‎inGODwetrust‬

Details of Donald Trump Meeting With Evangelicals in New York

From Rev Franklyn Graham.

I’ve been in New York this morning to attend a meeting organized by Dr. Ben Carson and others who invited Donald J. Trump to speak to evangelical Christian leaders from across the country. Governor Mike Huckabee was moderator and Mr. Trump answered questions on a wide range of issues. Dr. James Dobson asked the first question–he asked Mr. Trump what he would do concerning religious liberty issues. Mr. Trump said the number one thing he could do for religious liberty would be to appoint great Supreme Court justices and he reminded everyone that the next president could appoint up to five Supreme Court justices. That's incredibly important for the future of our nation. Ronnie Floyd, the past president of the Southern Baptist Convention, asked what he would do to address poverty, crime, and racial tensions. Mr. Trump said that he felt like the best thing he could do would be to create jobs for Americans and that would have a great impact. David Jeremiah asked how Trump would support Israel. Mr. Trump said that Israel is our number one friend in the Middle East and that the Iran deal was a disaster–he said he would stand with Israel. Others ask good questions as well, and we prayed together for America.

This year’s election is critical for our nation—we’re at a turning point. I’m not endorsing any candidates, but I am going to all 50 states holding prayer rallies with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ‪#‎DecisionAmericaTour‬. Thousands in every state have come out to their capitol to stand together in prayer for their state and for the nation. Our only hope is God.

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Ministries of Francis Frangipane Quotes

Jesus said that the works He did, we would also do (John 14:12). We assume the word "works" means "miracles," but this word (Gk: Ergon) meant “business, employment, that which any one is occupied … enterprise, undertaking” (Strong’s #2041).

Because Jesus would dwell in His disciples, He is saying that as we attend to Him, His actual life would reanimate through us.

Yes, that includes miracles, but it also includes the less popular works that Jesus did, such as nights in prayer, self-denial, times of fasting, loving sinners, carrying a cross and possessing moment by moment dependency upon G



1. Drink lots of water - Because the stronger part of your body will collect the water from the weaker parts of your body thereby causing ailments... drink water
2. Sleep very well - The less sleep you have the more your body becomes weaker... it will start with your sight getting weak....If you don't sleep, your eyes get weaker..... 
3. Exercise your eyes - Your eyes needs exercise... create time to exercise the muscles of your eyes... look @objects at far distances and near to exercise the muscles of your eyes.... Start exercising your eyes, start learning to look @ distance objects...
4. Learn to use words correctly....speaking the right words is not prayer. It's a lifestyle
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Pastor Steven Andrew Prayer for our Government

Father, You are good. Christians have the Holy Spirit, God's wisdom, Christian love, honesty and Your favor. We want a Christian government. We repent of turning to the world. As Judges 3:9 says we cry out for Christian leaders to immediately replace those disobeying You. In Jesus' name. AMEN + SHARE
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Judy Jacobs Quotes

"Two are better than one, because they have a good (more satisfying) reward for their labor; for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, then they have warmth; but how can one be warm alone? And though a man might prevail against him who is alone, two will withstand him. A threefold cord is not easily broken." Ecc. 4:9-12 amp
Covenant Relationships are so important to live every day of your life....
1) Make an investment in them.
2) In order to have yourself friendly .
3) Reach out to someone who is also alone...
4) Find a true prayer partner
5) Forgive
6) Guard yourself against strife
7) Allow the Holy Spirit to be the threefold
8) Continue to add to your relationships
9) Only safe place to find these ppl is in a good local, Bible-believing church
Happy Monday!!!!!


SOMETHING IS FISHY: It was said that there may have been more then one person involved with the Orlando shooter at the night club, as some survivors said one man was trying to block exits to prevent people from getting out. 

These persons, I received this information from, wish to remain anonymous, but said there is a hospital in Orlando treating two men who are believed to have assisted the gunman in the club, making it possible 3 people were actually involved. 

The audio of the 911 calls are being released; however, the Obama administration has heavily edited them to remove any words using "Islam or Islamic" from them (even though the gunman said he was doing this for ISIS). 

Also, Obama has and will permit 1 million foreign Muslim refugees to enter the U.S. attempting to relocate them in areas where there are strong conservative Christian beliefs, while he has willfully ignored the plight of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. This begs the question, why is he so protective in every way of Muslims, and not as protective of Christians, as many Christians in Syria have been slain, beheaded and forced from their homes? I believe I know the reason and years ago when I wrote Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue, that was released in 2009, I revealed that a key to his actions was linked to his person "seal" (the 0 emblem with the sun rising). 

My early research has come full circle and now many who mocked my research are coming back and saying, "You hit it on the head." I feel pity for any religious or ethnic group being persecuted, however in this case one side is being favored and the other is being ignored. Pray for the persecuted people in the world. (For information that I will not post on social-media, call our office for the Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue book). Some posts are being removed if they report to much inside information, (VOE office number is: (423-478-3456).

Justice Dept. reverses course on redacting transcript of Orlando gunman

Did they think the American people were idiots? Did Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration really think they could get by with scrubbing the transcripts of the Orlando shooter’s 911 calls to remove references to Islam? Congrats to Speaker Paul Ryan for insisting on the full transcript. He said, “Selectively editing this transcript is preposterous.

We know the shooter was a radical Islamist extremist inspired by ISIS. We also know he intentionally targeted the LGBT community. The administration should release the full, unredacted transcript so the public is clear-eyed about who did this and why.” This administration has long gone out of its way to give Islam a pass and deny their murderous intent.

President Barack Obama, don’t try to rewrite the narrative on the ‪#‎Orlandoshooting‬. Islam’s Koran spells out very clearly their hatred for gays, Christians, and Jews. That’s the truth, read it for yourself.

Read More :   Newly released transcripts: 'I am in Orlando, and I did the shootings' Orlando shooter claims responsibility in 911 callsUSATODAY.COM