Wednesday, September 13

Video : Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries , END TIME Sign CONFIRMED by Hurricane Harvey. REV 12 SIGN

This clip taken from DVD "AFTER THE REVELATION 12 SIGN" about how we should respond to end time signs, Hurricane Harvey, Joel Osteen, Kim Jong-un, and how to prepare for what comes next after the Revelation 12 SIGN. Get and share the latest Christians resources from: Your generous support makes these videos possible and free! GET THE TRUTH series (DVDs):

Video : Your Net of Grace : Catching You Every Time - PASTOR JOHN GRAY (FULL)

We all make mistakes, but those mistakes don’t have to rule us forever. As believers, we are saved by faith through God’s perfect grace. Every day, God freely pours out a measure of grace to cover our shortcomings and catch us when we fall. Pastor John Gray wants to help you walk boldly in God’s grace with his new, 3-message series, Your Net of Grace: Catching You Every Time. With it, you’ll discover how God’s grace and mercy are constant and unwavering. Be encouraged by God’s faithfulness with messages like, “The Power of Again” as you learn to fully unleash God’s power when you call on the name of Jesus. It’s time to rest confidently in God’s net of grace!

Pastor Carl Gallups And Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat Working The End Time Harvest On Remnant Call Radio

Pastor Carl Gallups And Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat Working The End Time Harvest On Remnant Call Radio Visit Carl Gallups Website:

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District ;Reno forecasters issue tornado warning as thunderstorms roll over Sierra

BREAKING: A tornado warning is in effect until 4:45 p.m. after a a confirmed funnel cloud was located over Lake Tahoe, according to the National Weather Service in Reno: Read More

Courtesy of Penny Duncan...Here's a pic of the funnel cloud over Lake Tahoe this afternoon. This funnel is what triggered the Tornado warning. So word on a touch down. Remember a Tornado over water is called a Waterspout, but doesn't look like that happened.

Fire kills at least 25 students at religious school Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah in Malaysia

25. Oh god. Apparently this is the third tahfiz school to have caught fire this year. Who regulates these schools? Why do parents send their children to board at places without proper fire safety? What is going on, Malaysia?

At least 25 people, mostly students, were killed in a fire at a school in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur early Thursday.

' Khirudin Drahman, director of Kuala Lumpur's fire and rescue department, told AFP news agency the number of confirmed dead are 23 students and two teachers.
"It really does not make sense for so many to die in the fire," he said. "I think it is one of the country's worst fire disasters in the past 20 years. We are now investigating the cause of the fire." Source : Aljazeera News

Tuesday, September 5

Church Members Bow As They Kiss Pastor’s Feet In Front Of Congregation. Photos

Some pastors will never cease to amaze us. Here are trending photos of a pastor whose church members were spotted kissing his shoe in front of the congregation during church service. According to multiple online reports, the pastor claimed that he walked through heaven so now his followers are supposed to kiss his shoes to get the blessings.

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Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress: Satan 'Delivered' Islam to Muhammad

Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress: Satan 'Delivered' Islam to Muhammad, Following Islam Will 'Lead You to Hell'
By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter | May 12, 2015 2:17 PM

Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress said Sunday during his "Countdown to the Apocalypse," sermon series that it was Satan who delivered the religion of Islam to the prophet Muhammad and further asserted that following that religion will "lead you to hell."

In his six-week sermon series, Jeffress, who pastors Dallas' 11,000-member First Baptist Church, explains how Jesus told of the rise of radical Islam and that increased Christian persecution around the world would "precede His return to this Earth."

In a Sunday sermon, the 59-year-old attempted to debunk the claim that Muhammad was delivered Islam by an angel and stated that the angel Muhammad saw was really the devil desguised "as an angel of light."

"It was Satan himself who delivered those delusions to those people to lead people by the millions away from God," Jeffress said. "Islam is a false religion that will lead you to hell. It is based on a false book that is based on a fraud. It was founded by a false prophet who was leading people away instead of to the one true God," he said during the May 10 sermon tited: "Christians in the Crosshairs."

Jeffress added that just as the Antichrist will seek to rid the world of Jews and Christians, religious minorities across the world are being killed and persecuted at an alarming rate by Islamic radicals who feel called by their faith to commit such acts.

Terrorist organizations like ISIS, al-Shabaab and Boko Haram are frequently attacking and killing thousands of Christians and other non-Muslims in the name of their jihad.

"Did you know that there were more martyrs in the 20th century than all the other centuries combined together? ... Jesus said, 'These things are going to be like the birth pains of a woman. They will increase in intensity and in frequency,'" Jeffress stated. "Did you know that persecution will escalate and reach its [peak] here in a future period of time that we call tribulation?

"Christians will be slaughtered by the millions for their faith in Jesus Christ. You say, 'Wait a minute, during the tribulation? I thought all Christians were going to be raptured and we were going to get out of here and that there weren't going to be any Christians," Jeffress continued. "It's true, the Church will be raptured before the final seven years of Earth's history, but during that final seven years, many people will come to faith in Christ but they will pay a terrible price to do so."

Jeffress stressed that although the persecution of Christians might be carried out by radical Muslims or governments, the "catalyst" behind it all is the Antichrist.

"The catalyst for this persecution will be the final world dictator that we call Antichrist. He will launch an attack against both the Jews and Christians," Jeffress explained. "He sees them as one, just as radical Islam sees them as one — the people of the Book. So, the Antichrist will see Jews and Christians alike and will announce an attack against them."

Jeffress argued that the Quran is filled with phony stories and includes over 35 commands to kill Christians and Jews and those who stand against the expansion of Islam.

"These terrorists are Islamic terrorists, doing what they're doing in the name of their faith," Jeffress asserted. "You cannot find one single verse in the New Testament that calls for violence against non-believers. Jesus said to love your enemies. Muhammad said to butcher your enemies."

Jeffress stated that the world is not just in danger from radical Islamic terrorist groups but also at risk from a nuclear Iran, a Shiite Muslim nation, which he claimed has ambitious goals of one day blowing Israel off the "face of the Earth."

"That is why it is absolute lunacy for our president and Congress to negotiate a deal on nuclear weapons with Iran when they are intent on destroying Israel, us, and exterminating our nations from the face of the Earth," Jeffress said.

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Pastor gets the beating of his life after forcefully tried delivering a mad man

Pastor in Kogi state gets the beating of his life after forcefully tried delivering a mad man

Instagram user @official_ceo_brannation01 shared photos of two men fighting in Kogi state, alleging that one was a pastor and the other a lunatic. Stating that the confrontation happened just yesterday, he said that the Pastor insisted on delivering the mad man, who then responded with physical assault.

Full story+more photos:

Wednesday, August 30

Zimbabwean man opened Church and Bar at the same location

Elliot Chepa, the founder of a Zimbabwean church, the Holy Ghost Church, revealed that her married Chipo Kandemwa as his second wife because she is ‘sweeter’ than his first wife.

According to H-Metro, Chepa, who also own a bar, said he fell in love with Chipo because she was the one who encouraged him to start a church.

“I’m aware that being a church founder most people do not expect me to be a polygamist.

“However I believe God used the situation to make me a better person. I have known Chipo for a very long time and she is actually the one who made me a Christian.

“I own a bar but Chipo encouraged me to start a church and now we conduct our church services at the same venue where our bar is located.

“We are not pastors, we just founded a church because we love God, we employ Pastors and prophets who lead our services.” he said.

Chepa went on to deny accusations that he had abandoned his first wife ever since he got married to Chipo.

“There was a period when my first wife and I had differences, that was when Chipo came into the picture “I knew I would start a life with her because she was so sweet.

“People who are saying I am no longer looking after my children and my first wife are just haters who are against my progress.

“People who are spreading these rumors are mostly pastors and prophets who we would have fired from the church for stealing as well as performing fake miracles and prophecies
“Chipo is actually in good books with my wife and my children.

“When my children want something from me, they always ask her to convince me because they know she can easily convince me,” he said
Meanwhile Chipo also opened up on how much she loves Chepa.

“There is a big age difference between me and Elliot but we get along very well, he is like my best friend.

“I fell in love with him because he was very honest with me from the start and together we have managed to do a lot of things together.

“My intention is not to separate him from his family and I am happy because I’ve managed to do that,” she said

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Tuesday, August 29

Fake Pastor Who Killed Baby For Rituals Paraded With His Boxes Of Charms. Photos / Video

The Cross River State Police Command on Tuesday paraded a suspected fake pastor in the state. The suspect, who was paraded alongside six others, was said to have been arrested for allegedly killing a one year and six months old baby which he allegedly used for rituals.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Obo-Ekpenyog is the pastor of Royal God’s Commandment Ministry, Calabar.
Parading the suspect, the spokesperson of the command, ASP Irene Ugbo, said that the suspect was arrested alongside six others on Aug. 24 by men of the command.
Irene said that they were arrested when the parents of the deceased raised an alarm that their child had been abducted by some masked men who stormed their house.

She said some operatives were immediately deployed to search the church and its environs, and that they found some incriminating items and arrested the pastor and six others.


Friday, August 25

Bishop Oyedepo And Wife At The Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai. Photos

Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo arrived Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on Thursday, 24th August 2017. On his entourage were Pastor and Mrs Beecroft among others.

The Bishop will minister at the Sheikh Rashid Hall (E&F) Dubai World Trade Centre by 2pm on Friday, 25th August 2017.


Wife of Nigeria's Vice President Pictured With American Bishop T.D. Jakes and Pastors Paul Adefarasin

Wife of the Vice President of Nigeria, Dolapo Osinbajo appears to be very religious.

Few weeks ago, she was at the Wailing Wall and Garden of Gethsemane in Israel.

This time around, she chills with Paul Adefarasin of house on the rock and Bishop T.D Jakes from America. Also in the picture his Paul Adefarasin’s wife, Ifeanyi.

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Buys Wife New G-Wagon For Her Birthday

Just months after his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri gifted him a 2016 Rolls Royce Ghost Series, Malawi pastor prophet Shepherd Bushiri has reciprocated the gesture by buying a brand new G-class SUV. The controversial South Africa based pastor who claims he can perform a variety of miracles - is believed to be one of the richest pastors in Africa, surprised his wife with the luxury car to mark her birthday.

Sharing the good news on Facebook, he wrote;

I appreciate you and cherish you for your love and support. You believed in me when I was nobody now its your time to enjoy on your birthday. On behalf of ECG church, Shepherd Bushiri Investments RSA, Dubai, USA and UK, I would like to say, happy birthday.


Tuesday, August 22

Apostle Suleman Bags Multiple Awards In Atlanta-Georgia(Photos)

Apostle Suleman has bagged multiple Awards in Atlanta - Georgia.He was awarded with Honorary Citizenship of ATLANTA GEORGIA and Honorary Doctorate in Divinity by University of Trinity.
See photos below


Monday, August 21

Men in South Africa court on cannibalism charges

Four men have appeared in a South African court facing charges of cannibalism after one allegedly walked into a police station declaring he was "tired" of eating human flesh.
When questioned further, the man produced part of a human leg and hand.
Police then accompanied the man back to a house in KwaZulu-Natal where more body parts were found.
Four men, two of them traditional healers, were arrested and charged with murder and conspiracy to murder.
They appeared in Estcourt Magistrate's Court, about 175km (110 miles) north-west of Durban, on Monday.
A police spokesperson told the BBC that it is possible that the four young men, aged between 22 and 32 years old, are part of a bigger syndicate.
The investigation is still under way, with police urging people whose relatives have disappeared in the vicinity of Estcourt to come forward.
A team of forensic experts has been called in to identify the remains, as it is not clear whether the body parts belong to one or several victims.
A month ago, in Durban, the biggest city in the region, a man was arrested in possession of a human head, concealed in a backpack. It is believed he was trying to sell it to a traditional healer.
Source BBC 

Bishop David Oyedepo And His Wife Celebrate 35th Wedding Anniversary

Senior Pastor of the General Overseer of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife, Faith, are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary today August 21st. They got married in 1982 and have four children. Celebrating his wife on social media, Pastor Oyedepo wrote

"Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary to my Heaven-sent Wife, Faith Abiola Oyedepo.
It gets sweeter by the day!". Congrats to them!


“How Teenage Serial Homosexual Was Transformed With The Help Of T.B Joshua”. Photos

Read the press statement by TB Joshua Ministries
Born a man, Antonio Caceres lived his entire adult life as a woman. His clothing was female. His mannerisms were female. His style of speech was female. The only connection to ‘males’ he had were the clients who paid for his nocturnal services as a professional prostitute on the streets of Lambare, Paraguay. Here is the incredible story, told in his own words, of his transformation back to the original position in which God created him:

Sunday, August 20

States prepare for massive influx of eclipse visitors

Days before a rare solar eclipse crosses the United States, state governments in its path are preparing to handle hundreds of thousands of visitors.
People are expected to flock to remote regions of the country for pristine views of the eclipse, activating emergency operation centers ordinarily reserved for storms, snow and forest fires.
Tourists are already congregating in rural Oregon, where a 30-mile traffic jam snarled a two-lane highway north of Bend on Thursday. The state expects as many as a million tourists over the next few days — the equivalent of 25 percent of the entire state’s population.
Gov. Kate Brown (D) said earlier this month she would activate the Oregon Air and Army National Guard to help ease traffic congestion. Extra ambulances will be at the ready, and the state has opened its Emergency Coordination Center to handle the influx. Brown will host troops of Girl Scouts for a watch party at the state capitol in Salem.
“State agencies, along with our local, tribal and federal partners, have extensively planned and are well-coordinated to make the 2017 total solar eclipse a safe and memorable event,” Brown said.

Apostle Suleman Arrives Kwara For The Commissioning Of Bliss TV(Photos)

Apostle Johnson Suleman on Thursday 17th August 2017 arrived Bliss TV and Bliss Building, Faith Paradise Behind Dangote flour mills off Asa-dam road Ilorin Kwara State.He commissioned Bliss TV in Kwara on Thursday.

Check out how he was received below


Saturday, August 19

Brooklyn megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard quit Trump's evangelical advisory board

A New York City megachurch pastor became the first religious leader to step down from President Trump's evangelical advisory board.
A.R. Bernard announced on Twitter Friday that "it became obvious that there was a deepening conflict in values between myself and the administration."
Many of Trump's religious advisers have stood by the President following widespread outrage over his response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, while members of his Committee on the Arts and the Humanities resigned in protest on Friday, capping off a dramatic week that included a stream of CEO resignations from two of Trump's business councils.
"When he vacillated over the last week, especially over Charlottesville, I had come to the point where I had to make a decision to more than just step away," Bernard told CNN's Don Lemon on "CNN Tonight."
    "When you vacillate like that, it means that there's not a set of core values that you have determined to guide your thinking, your decision-making. Instead, it demonstrates that you are being tossed between opinions of those around you. And I've got a problem with that kind of lack of leadership."