Jehovah’s Witness Mother Dies During Childbirth After Allegedly Refusing Blood Transfusion

This past week, Éloïse Dupuis gave birth at a hospital in Quebec. The baby is healthy. Dupuis, however, is dead.
That’s apparently because she’s a Jehovah’s Witness, and when she had a hemorrhage during the procedure, she refused a blood transfusion that could have saved her life.
There’s some debate over the details here — whether she actually refused the blood or if her family refused it on her behalf — but the end result is the same. She’s not around anymore.
And that just hammers home how awful this irrational belief really is. A newborn baby will grow up without a mother because she (or her family) thought that dying from a preventable problem was what Jehovah wanted.
This was optional. The tragedy was preventable. But the God Virus took hold of these people and common sense lost. Broadcast Launches 24/7 Faith T.V BVOV Network on Dish

If you’ve turned on the television lately, you probably noticed that it’s not full of faith or wholesome, Christian values. In fact, much of it is plain trash. 

It’s time to turn the channel to the Believer’s Voice of Victory Network (BVOVN)! On BVOVN, we’ve got faith going 24/7. It’s a place where the uncompromised Word of God is continuously preached from the world’s most-trusted ministers. Check it out today! 
See all the ways you can watch BVOVN:


Obituary : Port Arthur pastor Rev Ransom E. Howard has died at 49

Family, friends mourn death of pastor who was nephew of legendary civil rights leader
Port Arthur pastor Rev Ransom E. Howard has died. Howard, 49, died of a medical problem, longtime family friend Thurman Bartie told KFDM News.
Howard's late uncle was a legendary civil rights leader in Port Arthur. A street is named after him.
Howard was pastor of Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. He had resigned from Rock Island Baptist Church.
"He made mistakes like all of us have," Bartie told KFDM, "and he learned from them. It made him stronger, a stronger follower and servant of God. He was always willing to help someone else,"
Howard is survived by his mother, wife, three sons, and other relatives. Services are pending.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Is Coming to Nigeria for a Massive Gospel Crusade

Reinhard Bonnke Health Report And His Plan Crusade In Nigeria

Health Report of Reinhard Bonnke, and more…

As you may know, the last 6 months I had to go through a dark valley of sickness and underwent the necessary treatment.

In my weakness, but His strength, I kept up my ministry on FB with great joy.

It is my pulpit. Meanwhile Daniel Kolenda, my successor in CfaN, brought in hundreds of thousands of souls for Jesus in Africa.

Then the Lord spoke to me, that I myself have to go back to Africa for one great opportunity TO PASS MY BURNING TORCH to this generation.

Three weeks ago I traveled to Lagos/Nigeria to propose this to the spiritual leadership there. I was invited for this crusade unanimously.

On my return everything fell into place health wise. I am gaining strength rapidly. Soon you will hear the details of our Nigeria Gospel Crusade.

If you ask me, I wished the whole world could come. Please tell me if you read this news and spread it to all your friends. Keep watching my Facebook Page for more details soon.

Thank you my dear brothers and sisters for your prayers for me.

Jesus is faithful and answered. God bless you.


2017 Get Motivated Business Seminar by Tamara Lowe

BREAKTHROUGH in 2017 - Tamara is helping THOUSANDS of believers build their brands, write books, start businesses, and grow their ministries. She is giving away free passes to her 30 day boot camp now... don't miss out! (Value over $1,999)
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Bishop T.D. Jakes 2017 International Pastors and Leadership Conference IPNL Schedule

Leadership is critical for advancement. Are the people under you ready to take you to the next level? Prepare for the #LeaderShift coming soon to this generation at T.D. Jakes Pastors and Leadership Conference this April. Register: T.D. Jakes Pastors and Leadership Conference


Wednesday, April 26, 2017 (Newly Added!)
7:30pm – 10:00pm Planetshakers LIVE Recording Concert

Thursday, April 27, 2017
10:00am – 12:00noon Opening Session
1:00pm – 5:00pm Workshops
6:00pm – 7:45pm Global Think Tank
8:00pm – 10:00pm Evening Session

Friday, April 28, 2017
9:00am – 11:00am Morning Session
12:30pm – 5:30pm Workshops
5:30pm – 7:30pm Global Think Tank
7:45pm – 9:45pm Evening Session

Saturday, April 29, 2017
10:00am – 11:30pm Workshops
12:30pm – 2:30 Closing Session

The Testimony of Christian Rock Star Jonathan Cain

For close to 40 years, rock star Jonathan Cain has toured the world and entertained millions as a member of the band Journey. Yet, with all of that success, Cain says something was missing -- something he'd lost long ago. His POWERFUL testimony here:

Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.) by Bishop T.D Jake

My heart launching the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative - TORI was to help ex-offenders reclaim their purpose, their families, their hope, and most importantly, their lives. Every life, every heart, every soul matters.
INVEST here:

The Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.) was birth from the vision of Bishop T.D. Jakes of the Potters House in Dallas, Texas. After the ministry left an indelible impact on the Prisoners visited, former inmates came to the church looking for help upon release.

Bishop Jakes recognized the need for re-entry assistance for these inmates who were returning home to their communities and in response created this essential after-care program to address the issues faced by individuals returning back to society after incarceration.

Tim Challies - The discipline of spiritual discernment

Flashback: David has a sudden surge of sexual desire and acts on it recklessly and impulsively. Whether by strength or seduction he takes what is not his. Then the deed is over and right at this moment we can make an observation about a small detail in the text.

You never know where your Bible study will take you. You never understand how perfectly God has woven his Word until you follow a single thread from author to author, culture to culture, millennium to millennium, and see how God’s revelation of himself and his purposes is so perfectly consistent.

Read More 

Charles Butler & Trinity Releases New Single "The Blood"

Our new single "The Blood" is up for Willie Moore Jr's #TheFlatOutHitOfTheWeek. If you want to hear "The Blood" VOTE for "The Blood". We need your help. Voting takes literally 2 seconds. Click on the link below. #PleaseShare…/holy-grounds-latice-crawfords…

Photos : The New Ken Ham pre-Flood Miniature Diorama at the Noah's ark Theme Park

I have noticed lately many secularists vehemently attacking anyone they don't agree with. Apparently the new Ken Ham pre-Flood miniature diorama at the Ark upset them, so here are the photos again.
People sent Ken a number of articles secularists wrote attacking the Ark Encounter's new diorama--e.g., they should do something productive for society; these secularists seem to have nothing better to do than to sit at their computer waiting for the latest tweet or post from Ken so they can show their intolerance.


Roman Catholic Group Requests ‘Pope Francis’ Refer to Mary as ‘Co-Redemptrix With Jesus’

The International Marian Association has requested that the leader of Roman Catholicism, Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis, refer to Mary as “co-redemptrix with Jesus the redeemer” during the 100th year anniversary of the purported apparitions of Mary in Fatima, Portugal.
The Theological Commission of the Marian Association, which is comprised of 30 supportive entities, including Vatican Secretariat of State Florian Kolfhaus, Andrew Apostoli of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), Elias Mary of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Sanctuary in Wisconsin, and Michael O’Neill and Christopher Padgett of the Mariological Society of America, recently released a 10-page document outlining why Mary is deserving of the title.

2017 Casting Crowns Spring Tour Schedule

Spring tour starts Thursday in Baltimore! Two shows already sold out and several others getting close so get tickets now at while you still can. We hope to see you there!

Cathy Duplantis Word for Today : Put the Word in your heart and mouth

Put the Word in your heart and mouth and it will work miraculously for you. No matter what you are going through, and regardless of the lies of the devil, God can be relied upon to bring His Word to pass. In Luke 21:33, Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but My Words shall not pass away.” There is nothing more secure, nothing more powerful, and nothing more enduring than God’s Word. 
 - Cathy

Dorinda Clark-Cole is New Evangelism Leader at Church of God in Christ Inc

The woman of God made the following statement. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the love that you all have shown me!!! To God be the Glory for the Things that HE has done. I'm so grateful to God for this new journey that I have been elected for. Thank you to our presiding Bishop, Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. for this new appointment and trusting me with this awesome position and most of all being the great leader of our national church. 

Thank you for your love and support. @bishopelijahhankerson_ It has been a pleasure and a honor serving under your leadership in the Dept. of Evangelism. I love and thank you from the bottom of my heart. To my bishop, @bishopjdrewshead Thank you for your leadership, kinship and friendship and pushing me into greatness. 

You told us at the being of the year that this was the year of elevation, who knew that this would happen! I'm blessed and grateful for having the best Bishop of this side of heaven.
I love each and everyone of you who sent me a text message, posted a post or called. Just know that I love and appreciate all of you and continue to keep me in your prayers.

Christian Couple Margaret and Nelson Evoy celebrated their 78th anniversary.

Margaret and Nelson met at an Ottawa skating rink when she was 13 and he was 14 and got married a few years later. They just celebrated their 78th anniversary.
OTTAWA – There was no way a snowstorm was going to get in the way of this celebration. After all, 78 years of marriage isn’t something that can be celebrated very often.

Five generations of family made sure it was a grand party as they braved the elements on Feb. 12 to celebrate Margaret and Nelson Evoy’s 78 years of fruitful and happy married life.
They were joined by Merv and Jessica Sullivan, representatives of World Wide Marriage Encounter (WWME), who presented the Evoys with the Longest Married Couple in Canada award. The worldwide apostolate, which began in the United States as a Catholic movement almost 50 years ago though it is open to people of other denominations, created the award four years ago to highlight the importance of marriage.


Hillsong Church NYC LIFE COURSES

Hillsong Church is committed to making disciples, raising leaders and seeing people healthy in spirit, soul and body who are equipped for life and their call to serve in God’s house and influence their world for Christ.
Looking for guidance in any of the following? LIFE COURSES are happening this week! To sign up and learn more head to
-Breaking Free
-Marriage Prep
-Marriage Support

Relationship Life Class is back tonight Potter's House North

Relationship Life Class is back tonight Potter's House North. You never know what'll happen when this group all gets together. See you tonight at 7pm. #TPHNorth #NorthDallasWins

Kathy Troccoli's comfort by candlelight

Kathy just released a statement concerning the this show.

"My dear friends…
i must loving clarify something as we have received many calls from you regarding “comfort by candlelight”…
as you know, i have been compelled to offer these concerts across the country as we are all in desperate need of encouragement and hope…
the response of what God has done has been an overwhelming blessing…
while i cannot fill my calendar with love offering dates only--i can certainly offer a limited number especially if where there are 4 or more within a six-hour radius.
we welcome you to call to see if your church or community center would fall into one of these mini-tours/615-478-0247.
love, kt "

CPhoto : Charles Billingsley and Meredith Andrews at the Metro One worship conference

Such a joy to spend time with Charles Billingsley and Meredith Andrews at the Metro One worship conference in Lynchburg, VA Monday night. We got to sing a lot of oldies and take a trip down memory lane with many worship pastors whom we have had the privilege of singing in their churches over the past 25 years. It really got us excited about our 25th Anniversary Tour! Are we coming to your church?? Let us know!


CANAAN CITY PROJECT - By Bishop David Oyedepo, Canaanland, Ota. Nigeria.

CANAAN CITY PROJECT - By Bishop David Oyedepo, Canaanland, Ota. Nigeria.


The New face of Robert the Bruce, who ruled Scotland from 1306 to 1329.

ICYMI: Craniofacial experts have reconstructed the face of Robert the Bruce, who ruled Scotland from 1306 to 1329.
(University of Glasgow)
Image may contain: night

homemade baby food recipes - switching baby from formula to milk

There are many women who are unable to produce enough breast milk to feed their baby or babies. My wife and I had this problem with our twin boys, and we were unable to find a commercial formula mix that was truly natural and organic and had the ingredients we wanted. Read More 

binge eating disorder treatment - symptoms of anorexia nervosa

When it comes to eating disorders, each person’s experience and story differs. This guide provides some basic tools and information on what to do if you are worried about a friend who may be showing signs of an eating disorder. Read More 

Happy Birthday to Gloria Copeland

Today, we celebrate the birthday of a very special lady! We are so thankful for the gift Gloria is to the Body of Christ. Join us as we pray the following prayer over her: Lord, we ask you to bless and keep Gloria, make Your face shine on her and be gracious. Turn Your face toward her and give her peace. In Jesus' Name, Amen!


Photos : Franklin Graham's Festival de Esperanza (Festival of Hope) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tonight was the first night of the Festival de Esperanza (Festival of Hope) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Hundreds of churches from across the island have been praying for this evangelistic Crusade. It was a privilege to share with the over 11,000 people who came tonight the Good News that God loves them and that their sins can be forgiven.

The Bible tells us, “All have sinned” and “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” That same message—that same Good News—is what changes lives and saves souls in every country around the world, in any language. I’m looking forward to preaching again Saturday and Sunday. Thank you for praying.
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Andrew Wommack Ministries Prayer Line - Bible Study Guide

God, by grace, has already done everything! He anticipated every need you could ever have and has already met all those needs through Christ. You don't have to beg the Lord to give you joy and peace, to heal you, to prosper you or save you. He has already provided for you before you even had the problem!
Learn to live in the balance of grace and faith:

Planned Parenthood Abortion Funding - Still Hasn’t Produced an Annual Report. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.

planned parenthood funding sources
Planned Parenthood—the country's largest abortion provider—received over $353 million in private donations according to a recent annual report. Why on earth would Congress give them another $550 million in government grants and reimbursements? In a recent three-year period, Planned Parenthood killed nearly one million babies in the womb—what a tragedy.

Taxpayer dollars, withheld from American paychecks should never be used to fund a Hitleristic organization whose conduct many see as insidious, evil, unjust, and even criminal. How do they keep on slaughtering little ones, and yet portray themselves as health clinics? Death is their prescription. 

Conservative lawmakers in Congress, both Democratic and Republican, need to stand together to do the right thing and end this wholesale slaughter of innocent life. Every life is precious to God, and should be to us as well. Here’s something you can do. Call or email your Congressional member and your two U.S Senators today and tell them not to give one more penny to Planned Parenthood!

Read : Planned Parenthood Still Hasn’t Produced an Annual Report. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.


Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel The Case for Christ' New Movie Coming out this April, 2017

Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel's 1998 best-selling book The Case for Christ heads to the screen April 7, with its first trailer revealed on USATODAY 

New movie coming out in April, based on the Lee Strobel book "The Case for Christ," starring (among others) Faye Dunaway, Robert Forster, and Mike Vogel. I recommend that you read the book (which is awesome) before seeing the movie. Lee Strobel had an undergraduate degree in journalism and a law degree from Yale Law School. He decided to switch careers and became an investigative reporter with the Chicago Tribune.

A devout and brilliant atheist, he set out to use his legal and investigative skills to systematically tear apart the case for Christianity and a historical Jesus. After two years of gathering evidence and recording interviews with scholars on both sides of the issue, he was blindsided by his own verdict (quote from the book): "I concluded that it would take more faith for me to maintain my atheism than to become a Christian." That day he came to faith in Christ. Seventeen years later he decided to write his book "The Case for Christ," which details his 2-year investigation into the historicity of Christianity. Since that time he has written 20 more books and been interviewed on ABC, CNN, Fox, Discovery, and PBS.

His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. I have been privileged to hear Lee speak in person on two occasions, once in Chicago, and then in Dallas last year. Looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out.

When I watched this documentary years ago, it was the most profound visuals and stories that interacted the way I approached learning about Christ and witnessing too. My interest inn the apologetics was stroked, piqued and satiated all at once. I am blessed out of my mind to see they made it a movie,

I can not encourage you enough to go see this film. If you ever doubted Christianity, struggled with concepts, wrote off theology b/c of ethnicity or confused mythology then I you must see this flim. I believe churches should be doing screenings with q/a's and alter calls, i'll go as far too say this is beyond what the passion of the Christ was able to do for the simple fact of a first person true story with verifiable claims and evidence. Ok, I'm a bit excited so I'll stop here...Blessings


How not to be Jealous and Envy by Bishop T.D Jakes

Envy is a nasty root that spreads quicker than we are ever ready for. I challenge you today to exchange your envy for support. Rather than finding ways to attain someone else's grass (because it always seems greener), water it. Sow into the dreams of others, "water" their grass, celebrate THEIR growth and you'll soon find yourself knee deep in your own flourishing greenery. Your dreams will come to pass, but we must eliminate envy from our lives first.