T.D Jakes Change Your Pattern and get out of Your Routine

There are 3 steps that are important in your quest to Tap Into It, the pathway to your destiny. Step One: Change your pattern and get out of your routine! Move beyond your comfort zone! We often find ourselves in a state of complacency due to our own fears or thoughts of settling. 

 The enemy will plant seeds of doubt that can have a crippling effect on your walk thus causing you to fall into a pattern. That pattern then becomes your safe zone. God wants you to step out of your comfort zone and Tap Into your full potential. 

Don't settle for your normal pattern due to your own disbelief. Do you believe that God can satisfy your every need? Do you believe that he can do the miraculous in your life? I mean the exceedingly, abundantly? Ephesians 3:20 If so, let's work on getting out of your daily pattern. Step out of your comfort zone today and totally rely on God. 

 Don't allow your fears to place a limit on your ability to be all that God is calling you to be. He has great plans for you, plans to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11
You are where you are today because you choose to be there. You did not Tap Into It. Don't choose misery over ministry! What are you willing to sacrifice? You must be willing to change or else you will make yourself miserable. Make the right choice today so that you can Tap Into It and receive the Such and Such from God! The life that you are living today today may not be the life God has in store for you! Have you #TappedIntoIt? Choose change! Change your pattern TODAY! 


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Obituary : Gospel and Blues singer Linda Hopkins dies at 92

Linda Hopkins, whose soaring, gospel-rooted voice was heard on Broadway in the one-woman show “Me and Bessie" and in the long-running revue “Black and Blue,” died on Monday.

Linda Hopkins was born Melinda Helen Matthews in New Orleans in 1927 and sadly passed away 10th April this year. Here she is on one of the tracks she recorded with Jackie Wilson in the early Sixties.

Known as "Lil Helen Matthews" as a child, she was discovered at the age of eleven by Mahalia Jackson when she persuaded Jackson to perform at a fundraiser at her home church, St. Mark's Baptist Church. Lil Helen opened the children's fundraising program with a rendition of Jackson's gospel hit, "God Shall Wipe Your Tears Away". Jackson was reportedly so impressed by Helen's determination and talent that she arranged for the young girl to join the Southern Harp Spiritual Singers in 1936. Hopkins remained with the group for a decade.

We join everyone else in mourning the loss of the great Linda Hopkins. I had the joy of working with her many times and the privilege of calling her a friend. "Artist" is not sufficient to describe her.

She was so much more than that. A consummate entertainer who gave every fiber of her being into every performance, whether at a high-priced stadium concert or a low-down bar. She could be beautifully groomed and elegant, or take her shoes off and down a bottle of beer in one big slug.

She loved her audiences and they loved her. She was totally unique in everything she did, but at the same time was the last of her generation of blues greats still performing. "The Kid" will never be replaced and heaven is now a little brighter. Thankfully we have many of her performances to still savor and enjoy. R.I.P. dear lady.


God's Anointing on Your Life is More Powerful than Anyone's Opinion on your Life

When God anointed you He didn't meet with an advisory board or take a vote. Stop allowing people who didn't call you to discourage you.
1 Samuel 17: 32-33 Saul replied, "You aren't able to go out there and fight that Philistine. You are too young. He's been a fighting man ever since he was a boy." Saul told David. You're too young, no experience, not skillful enough, no training, no chance. Saul didn't realize that God had been preparing David for this moment while he was out in the field taking care of his fathers sheep. It's where preparation meets opportunity. Saul couldn't see it but David didn't allow what Saul thought to discourage him from one of his greatest victories! Like I said stop allowing people who didn't call you to discourage you! The anointing on your life is more powerful than anyone's opinion of your life. Have a victorious week family! #jamesfortune#dearfutureme #iforgiveme #linkinbio🔝

Happy 50th Birthday to Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Happy 50th birthday to Pastor Nike. Thank you and we are so grateful for God's calling on your life. We love you loads!!!


Bishop Tudor Bismark, 2017 7 Days of Faith Work

You don't want to miss Day 2 of #7DaysofFaith!! Tudor Bismark Ministrieshas a Word for you tonight at 7pm! Join us live right here on Facebook or on http://FYF.tv